How To Achieve The-Essential Simpler Network Operations?

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Distributed computing across high-performing networks that are capable of scaling up to meet the growing demands ensures productivity and innovation in the digital era. This applies to every industry and has grown relevant than ever.  

COVID-19 has transformed the ways of working and living and the transformation has major implications for the underlying networks. Networking executives and other personnel have to gain control over the environment that is changing constantly and is turning homes into new micro-branches of the future.

At the start of the pandemic, organizations changed from a collection of small branch offices into thousands of workers operating remotely. Companies devoted their time to ensuring fast and reliable connections to ensure that the deadlines are met and the workers remain productive.

Remote service is being regarded as a priority by many companies and now companies like Facebook, Square, and Twitter have announced their plans to allow a major portion of their employees to work from home in the future as well. Other organizations are going to face a different challenge as their fragmented workforces, some working from home and others working from newly opened offices complicate efforts to secure the perimeter, monitor massive networks, and develop an understanding of the end-user experience.

This new normal is keeping IT professionals busy.

All of this indicates that simplicity in the ways organizations consume services and networking assets has become an even more urgent goal. As organizations are working to maximize the resources in the new environment created by the pandemic, the inefficiencies of networks that are highly complex to build and manage prove too costly for them. Greater simplicity has to be set as the highest priority as of now.

Here are the 4 key necessities that organizations need to focus on in this new era:

The New Way Of Office Communications

Using simple approaches that are generated from common sense is important to ensure smooth operations, especially in the near term.  Members of the executive and technology teams who used to meet informally at the office have to be aligned closely to discuss the ongoing restrictions and the changes it has brought to the office environment and work schedules of the employees. 


It is important to ensure that the inclusion of the most basic items on the IT checklist, for example, patching all servers to Nor N-1 is handled effectively. Security issues or performance flaws arising from the IT team’s failure in using the safest versions of software is the last thing an organization wants these days. IT teams have to make use of this time to spot the deficiencies and bring the networking house in order if it isn’t. These measures enable the companies to streamline their operations and use technology to save costs and add value.

Simplicity Of Operations

When you design and implement every aspect of all networking services, set simplicity as the defining characteristic. In what possible ways can organizations keep up with the immense growth of devices, users, and applications? Then find out what is blocking the way whether it is poor functionality, inefficient processes, or poor documentation.

For example, an organization can decide to release no technology unless they are convinced about its ease to configure and automate, and the technology’s compliance with industry standards and protocols.

This was more relevant in the pre-COVID-19 period but the pandemic has made it crucial to avoid complexity and confusion in the networking processes. Organizations have to ensure that they establish a constant feedback loop that can identify processes, services, and tasks that seem too complex.

Realize The Power Of Automation

Adopting AIOps and encouraging IT staff to pay more attention to strategic initiatives can make your business more competitive. Reducing human interference in routine and manual networking tasks like troubleshooting, maintenance and implementation has become crucial in scaling a network in the simplest possible way. Automation facilitates the multiplication of the networking team, thereby giving opportunity for the company to scale without necessarily increasing the team resources.

Although the pandemic has convinced the organizations about reassessing their spending habits to survive the challenges, they still invest in technologies like artificial intelligence that are crucial in defining the future of the digital world according to IDC.

Technology is playing a significant role in ensuring the longevity of businesses by offering remote work, external digital management, and agile business, according to the analyst firm. In the long term, organizations will make the best use of technology to support every process, value chain, and initiative while they traverse to the next normal. More than ever, organizations are on the lookout for new ideas and best practices from their technology partners.