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Why It Is Important To Consider Employee Engagement


Gallup surveys suggest that high worker engagement levels could aid companies in reducing the staff attrition of them by 25% to 65%. The above statistics just shows the extent to which worker engagement is invaluable. It was related to a different corporate concept called productivity, but there is more to employee engagement than just productivity.

Very productive workers may report that there is not enough connection and engagement with their place of work, which is likely to make companies lose their finest staff. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily difficult to increase engagement. The initial step in improving it is to recognize the reason for prioritizing employee engagement. Shared below are some reasons for you to consider employee engagement.

Millennial Workers Think In A Different Way

By 2020, millennials make up over 50% of the labor force. In 5 years, they will constitute 75% of it. The information shared above may seem terrifying, but it shouldn’t be. Millennial people rate experience above financial rewards, and utilizing employee engagement strategies such as providing hedonistic rewards means that you can keep your staff engaged at all times.

Engagement Aids In Striking The Work-Life Balance

Almost every person thinks that they are working too hard, especially those positioned at bigger companies. Implementing worker engagement programs at the office that aid individuals in exploiting their passions mean that you can make work-life balance not an issue.

An easy program that numerous companies worldwide utilize is this; reward points which are redeemable on travel sites to make trips possible. In the event a manager is satisfied with a worker’s performance, they would only need to grant the latter a fixed number of reward points. Thus, the workers can use these points to pay for accommodation, purchase flight tickets, or for whatever else that is likely to prevent a great vacation.

You can take similar steps through the creation of a custom e-commerce portal where workers can redeem their points. Making the awards procedure known to the public could just help to boost engagement for a long time.

Stronger Relationships Between Colleagues Reduce Attrition

It is possible to use employee engagement to achieve more camaraderie among colleagues. Scheduling the odd office party or team dinner is likely to make them identify with each other on a personal level.

A different important reason for making room for relationship building is that almost every millennial prefers sharing events and experiences. It is an important element for socializing and feeling as if they are leading their lives.

Through lively parties once every month or quarter, you can make your staff members more connected with each other, thereby reducing their likelihood to look for job opportunities elsewhere.

Engagement Aids In Shaping Employee Identity In Your Organizational Ecosystem

Millennial workers must have their own sense of self. What if it is possible for you to discover a way of tying it with your entity? Providing public recognition and frequent acknowledgment means that you can be sure that they connect with your company and never quit.

Worker engagement could just drive each of your operations, thereby confirming that you have a more seamless flow of work and more dedicated staff with deeper loyalty.


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