State-of-The-Art Method to Make Customer Feedback Actionable

Michael Finnigan
May 09, 2022
In the modern tech-driven world that businesses thrive in, companies can leverage high-end customer feedback tools and enhance the efficiency of customer feedback generation. Today, you will see deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data as the highest trending technologies for feedback collection.

Ways in Which Metaverse Will Improve Customer Experience

Michael Finnigan
May 18, 2022
The number of active monthly users is already in the tens of millions, and the technology isn’t even fully ready yet. A lot of developments are still in progress, while a ton of research and improvement needs to take place before the Metaverse is accessible to the masses. But in the meanwhile, you can learn different ways Metaverse will improve the customer experience of users!

Top 3 Technologies to Expand Your Sales Funnel

Michael Finnigan
May 18, 2022
Driving leads into the sales funnel and generating a reliable customer base are two of the trickiest tasks that you will have to complete to get on top of the competition in the market. We will take a brief look at a few common but highly overlooked technologies that help in expanding the sales funnel.

Shape the Right Workplace Environment for Employees

Michael Finnigan
May 24, 2022
If your employees experience a fall in motivation, encouragement, and will to progress, your business will be the first to suffer. You can try out different work environments and see which one fits. But, you must know that finding the right environment is extremely necessary. Otherwise, your employees will have a tough time coping with your organization. Check out a few types of workplace environments below.

Understanding the Upside of Cognitive Automation in 21st Century Businesses

Michael Finnigan
Jun 02, 2022
It’s a cognitive technology that utilizes a business’ data to unlock useful information while making it even more agile. In the case of transforming employment markets, cognitive automation can keep organizations safe from their volatility. Here are the upsides of cognitive automation in the dynamic business environment around us:

The Future of 5G and How to Prepare for It as a Consumer

Michael Finnigan
Jun 08, 2022
As cellular networking technology expands, 5G aims to improve connectivity. However, the only difference is that it improves way more than just wireless connectivity. It has the potential to expand the use of mobile broadband. So, it's safe that the 5G is here to replace 4G entirely! Here are a few things that technology developers are considering and working on:

Brands Are Shifting to In-House Marketing - Here’s Why!

Michael Finnigan
Jun 21, 2022
Despite many online marketing agencies, businesses have started shifting marketing responsibilities to in-house marketing talent. Read this post to learn why!

Latest Product Marketing Ideas and Trends Using SaaS in 2022

Michael Finnigan
Jun 23, 2022
Software as a Service lets businesses use particular software cost-effectively. But, do you know how SaaS has influenced the latest product marketing trends?

Find Out How Technology has Transformed HR Roles and Tasks

Michael Finnigan
Jun 28, 2022
HR departments in nearly every industry have experienced an explosion of new technologies and methods. Check out how modern tech influences HR roles and tasks.

Common Public Wi-Fi Mistakes to Avoid

Michael Finnigan
Jul 06, 2022
Can’t stop using the internet even when you’re outdoors? Make sure you know about the common public Wi-Fi mistakes to avoid compromising your data’s security.