The Question of Brand Rebranding and Refreshing

Michael Finnigan
May 27, 2019
Brand identity is a huge thing when it comes to running a company. As time progresses, it becomes more and more essential to evolve with current trends, innovations, tastes, and popular demands with respect to customers. The changes in the marketplace must also reflect on your brand. Under that, there is always a question of whether you should rebrand or refresh your brand.

Six Ways to Boost your Search Ranking through SEO

Michael Finnigan
Apr 15, 2019
When you build out new webpages, whether it is a blog page or a “Contact Us” page, it is essential to employ SEO in order to be able to achieve the best possible benefits for your webpages.

7 Marketing Trends You Should Know in 2022

Michael Finnigan
Feb 18, 2022
Marketing isn’t an easy task, but it’s packed with a lot of potential to expose your business/brand to the right customers. Here are the top 7 marketing trends of 2022.

How eCommerce Websites Can Improve Online Traffic?

Michael Finnigan
Mar 02, 2022
Here are some effective techniques you should include in your marketing campaign to increase online traffic:

Five Effective Techniques to Find Target Audience

Michael Finnigan
Mar 04, 2022
When you target the wrong group of audience, you are wasting your money and time, since they won’t find your business interesting. Let’s learn some effective techniques to find the right target audience and increase sales:

Ways in Which Metaverse Will Improve Customer Experience

Michael Finnigan
May 18, 2022
The number of active monthly users is already in the tens of millions, and the technology isn’t even fully ready yet. A lot of developments are still in progress, while a ton of research and improvement needs to take place before the Metaverse is accessible to the masses. But in the meanwhile, you can learn different ways Metaverse will improve the customer experience of users!

Brands Are Shifting to In-House Marketing - Here’s Why!

Michael Finnigan
Jun 21, 2022
Despite many online marketing agencies, businesses have started shifting marketing responsibilities to in-house marketing talent. Read this post to learn why!

Latest Product Marketing Ideas and Trends Using SaaS in 2022

Michael Finnigan
Jun 23, 2022
Software as a Service lets businesses use particular software cost-effectively. But, do you know how SaaS has influenced the latest product marketing trends?