How To Increase Productivity Of Remote And Distributed Work Forces

Michael Finnigan
Jun 22, 2020
We are going through a tough time with the COVID-19 pandemic wave hitting the world. ‘Work from home’ protocol adopted to keep ourselves safe has made remote workforces the new normal. But that hasn’t necessarily changed business goals and deadlines much.

Launching A Tech Startup In 2020? Know About The Key Factors To Consider

Michael Finnigan
Jun 18, 2020
Launch of a tech startup calls for a celebration for all the people involved, as the startup would definitely be the result of a long duration of hard work and planning. Launching a tech startup in 2020 is challenging than ever as the whole world is threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic

Tips For Communicating In Your Company During A Turbulent Period

Michael Finnigan
Jun 11, 2020
Periods of quick change will test an individual’s capability to adjust and react to a given situation. This is when the communication capability of a leader will be the factor that decides if a business will fail or succeed

Businesses Must Start Prioritizing People To Prosper During A Changing Time

Michael Finnigan
Jun 08, 2020
Leaders are going through a stage where their businesses are changing. They must decide on how they wish their future of work to look like. Specifically, what they want technology to achieve and whom they want to invest their time in.

Tips On Software Testing As Part Of Quality Assurance

Michael Finnigan
May 27, 2020
Software testing refers to the process of evaluating a software program, to know whether it has the quality and complies with predetermined requirements. Through testing, software professionals aim to single out and correct mistakes at an initial phase

Debunking the Most Common Cybersecurity Myths

Michael Finnigan
Apr 02, 2020
Even though small businesses belong to a varied group, most of them have a few things in common. For instance, they all want their businesses to thrive as soon as possible. Secondly, most small-business owners depend on their websites to market their brand and build a reputation for their company in the industry in order to draw more customers.

The Core Characteristics for Being a Great Leader

Michael Finnigan
Mar 30, 2020
It is normal to desire to become the best leader in your company. Most people in leadership roles not only try to perform their jobs adequately but also go a step further to set an example for their subordinates.

4 Elements of Building a Healthy Workplace Culture

Michael Finnigan
Mar 23, 2020
It is very important to cultivate a winning culture in the company to stay competitive. However, most businesses often ignore this and let the workplace culture form on its own in the company.

Strategic Steps to Help Entrepreneurs Mitigate Risks

Michael Finnigan
Mar 19, 2020
All entrepreneurs are natural risk-takers in one way or another because they have decided to step out of their comfort zones and invest in their own idea. It takes a lot to build a venture and get it going even when the results are not in your favor.

Essential Costs Every Startup Needs

Michael Finnigan
Mar 16, 2020
Launching a startup is never easy if you are on a limited budget. This calls for cutting as much cost as possible to stay within the available funds.