Assessing the Impact of Digital Transformation on Finance Industry

Michael Finnigan
Jul 26, 2021
Digital transformation benefits the finance industry in multiple ways. Assess how such digital transformation can impact your business in the finance industry.

This Is How B2C Companies Should Operate For The Rest Of 2020

Michael Finnigan
Aug 20, 2020
B2C companies have to implement the smartest business strategies throughout the rest of 2020. Here is how B2C companies have to conduct business for the rest of this year taking in consideration the state of the economy and the challenges it puts forward.

Employing Financial Examination to Assess Company Performance

Michael Finnigan
Jul 15, 2019
In order to get a clear picture of the status of your company in this regard, it is essential to run a thorough financial analysis. Many business owners are unaware of their own finances, and that could be very dangerous for the organization. It could reduce potential profits and put you in a huge risk.

How Can Predictive Analysis Help Businesses Financially?

Michael Finnigan
Mar 11, 2022
Predictive analysis is all about forecasting. This is done by reviewing historical facts and previous data. Here’s how it helps businesses financially.

Useful Tips to Guide Your Business During the Financial Crunch

Michael Finnigan
Aug 12, 2022
Is your business going through hard times? These valuable tips, such as cost cutting, can help save your business.