Why Data as a Service is a Significant Opportunity for Businesses

Michael Finnigan
Nov 23, 2021
Unlike SaaS, DaaS doesn’t run on on-premises, but it functions with a cloud computing strategy. Some benefits of data as a service are:

Building the Perfect Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Michael Finnigan
Sep 16, 2021
Marketing strategies are the core of marketing success. With the right data-driven strategies that incorporate the right elements, a business can thrive and increase sales.

Advantages of Data Visualization to Your Business

Michael Finnigan
May 27, 2021
Presenting critical data in an understandable and engaging way is extremely important for businesses. Similarly, Data Visualization offers many essential benefits to businesses.

What to Know About IT Infrastructure Maintenance for Your Business

Michael Finnigan
Feb 01, 2022
Do you realize the potential disadvantages that your business faces because of your negligence towards the required IT infrastructure maintenance? Here’s what to know.

How Can Predictive Analysis Help Businesses Financially?

Michael Finnigan
Mar 11, 2022
Predictive analysis is all about forecasting. This is done by reviewing historical facts and previous data. Here’s how it helps businesses financially.

Multiple Challenges of No-Code Platforms for Businesses

Michael Finnigan
Mar 30, 2022
No-code platforms help coders, programmers, and developers create flexible business applications. Check out the latest challenges for no-code platforms.

Brands Are Shifting to In-House Marketing - Here’s Why!

Michael Finnigan
Jun 21, 2022
Despite many online marketing agencies, businesses have started shifting marketing responsibilities to in-house marketing talent. Read this post to learn why!