Brands Are Shifting to In-House Marketing - Here’s Why!

Michael Finnigan
Jun 20, 2022

If a business lacks in-house marketing talent, it will likely outsource. By hiring professionals and experts outside of the company, you can save time and training costs. Plus, some experts have years of experience that could be instrumental for your digital marketing campaigns' success.

Recently, a lot of businesses have started feeling less confident about the idea of hiring professionals from the “outside”. Instead, many companies want to use in-house marketing talent or recruit the right professionals to fulfill marketing roles. There are many benefits of switching to in-house marketing. Let us share some with you!

1. Potential Cost-Savings
Spending wisely and cutting unnecessary costs is one of the core objectives of running a profit-oriented business. Countless companies are already struggling with costs and trying to overcome issues leading to unnecessary expenses.

With in-house marketing, you can keep tabs on the expenses involved in the process. You can create a budget and assign it to the team. Practicing high-end marketing within the business will improve the skills of marketing professionals. That could save more money in the long run.

2. Better Transparency and Understanding
Transparency is important when it comes to marketing. Businesses must know the professionals are using the marketing budget. Plus, they must understand how it's spent and what results it achieves. With in-house marketing, your company will know where the marketers are spending the budget.

It will be easier to assess and control the budget for in-house marketing. Unlike hiring professionals outside the business, the marketers in your business will share instant reports and updates. Marketing discussions, practices, and results could be quicker.

3. Brand Consistency
Employee motivation will increase if you assign marketing responsibilities within your company. Moreover, in-house marketing will lead to brand consistency. Hiring "outside professionals" can create slight discrepancies in brand consistency and creativity. But, when you assign marketing roles to people within your company, you can keep your marketing campaigns aligned with your brand.

Your employees and professionals know what your brand represents and how well customers understand it. From using the right tone to marketing campaign structures, there will be a solid consistency throughout your company/organization.

4. Safe Business Data
Professionals outside the business could offer higher experience. However, they’ll be holding valuable information and statistical data about your company, mainly regarding marketing. That could be potentially disadvantageous as outsourcing marketing agencies also serve your competitors.

You can keep your business data safe and within your reach through in-house marketing. It won't be as time-consuming when you require data. Plus, it would be much safer because your company would know the best way to keep it safe from prying eyes.

5. Agile Marketing Teams
The collaboration between marketing and other departments would become more efficient. The experts won't have to wait days or weeks to get leads. By tapping the shoulder of marketing colleagues, your company's professionals will get the marketing information quickly. Therefore, it would lead to more agile and responsive marketing operations within the business/organization.

If you don't have a talented marketing team, consider hiring the right professionals at your company today! By employing in-house marketers, you can avoid lengthy lead times, potentially save money, and keep company data safe. Furthermore, relying on in-house marketing talent will bring a unique brand image and business rapport to the industry.