What is ConnectAndSell and How Does it Automate Sales Workflow?

Michael Finnigan
Oct 21, 2021
ConnectAndSell’s Lightening is a patented technology that combines human technology with gatekeepers, IVR phone menu trees, and navigating voicemails. The features includes:

Here’s What You Need To Know About SEO Before You Start Selling Online

Michael Finnigan
Mar 29, 2021
In this digital era, most startups live and die by the clicks they are getting. If you want your website to survive, you need to optimize it for the customers to find it. If the website is not optimized, you are digging your own grave. However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving and you need to keep up with the new rules, strategies, and practices that are changing with the evolution. Most small companies that started recently may not be in a position to hire an SEO expert. If you are one of them, these tips may help you boost your website rankings.

Email Tips That Will Benefit Sales And Marketing Teams During This Pandemic

Michael Finnigan
Mar 22, 2021
We can say that this pandemic has taught us a thing or two about many aspects of our lives. Many brands have discovered new potentials and figured out how to improve their business. The customers and clients have also realized new potentials during this pandemic.

How To Change Your Sales In The Normalcy Future

Michael Finnigan
Mar 04, 2021
This coronavirus pandemic will go away and a period of normalcy will return again. At that time, will sales be identical to what it was before COVID-19? The pandemic changed how we live and sell, plus it upended sales processes. In-person discussions might not occur in the same way as it did before for quite a while. Remote presentations are part of the new normal, and sales engagement programs are important.

Things To Know When Making Changes To Sales Compensation Plans

Michael Finnigan
Dec 17, 2020
Are you a leader who thinks about changing your company’s compensation plan for every single sales representative? If yes, we would recommend having an actual purpose in place at the heart of the plan. It is important to design it to incentivize salespeople to work like how your company leadership wants, to support the enterprise’s objectives. To incentivize them in an effective way, it is a must to understand the notion of motivation. The term ‘motivative’ means to urge someone to perform something.

Remote Selling In Business – What Is It?

Michael Finnigan
Oct 29, 2020
As more business transactions are shifting to online platforms, a considerable number of businesses have started adopting remote selling strategies to gain more sales and meet the increasing demands of customers. Remote selling also referred to as virtual selling, is a complex buying cycle in which the sellers and buyers engaged in sales conversations are at different physical locations.

Top 3 Technologies to Expand Your Sales Funnel

Michael Finnigan
May 18, 2022
Driving leads into the sales funnel and generating a reliable customer base are two of the trickiest tasks that you will have to complete to get on top of the competition in the market. We will take a brief look at a few common but highly overlooked technologies that help in expanding the sales funnel.

Overlooked Methods of Increasing Business Sales

Michael Finnigan
Mar 13, 2023
Looking for methods to increase your business sales? Don't miss these underutilized methods and learn how customer segmentation and a business line of credit can help you maximize the potential of your business.