How is technology proving useful during the global pandemic?

Michael Finnigan
Jul 19, 2021
The pandemic ushered in the era of a new normal. Staying inside and avoiding contact with others became the norm. Here’s how technology helped communities.

Corona Winners Are Providently Investing In Technological World

Michael Finnigan
May 06, 2021
Corona winners are investing in technology. Learn more about the impact of Coronavirus on the technology spending of businesses.

Usage Of Mobile Application Is Drastically Increasing During Pandemic

Michael Finnigan
Apr 29, 2021
Usage of mobile applications is increasing during the pandemic. Read the article to understand the reasons for this sudden increase.

Contactless Deliveries will endure after COVID-19

Michael Finnigan
Apr 22, 2021
Many retailers are giving the clue that they will continue the contactless delivery trend after the COVID-19. Here is what you need to know more

Expansion of Remote Working is Becoming Conventional

Michael Finnigan
Apr 19, 2021
Even after the COVID-19, businesses are sticking to the remote working policies. Here are the reasons why.

Useful Technologies That Reemerged In 2020

Michael Finnigan
Mar 15, 2021
Many experts believe that most technologies that shined last year will have a major role to play in the upcoming years. These technologies will allow the companies to provide their customers with more secure and reliable access to resources. Let’s take a look at some of the technologies that remerged in 2020 that will prove their worth in the years to come.

How To Change Your Sales In The Normalcy Future

Michael Finnigan
Mar 04, 2021
This coronavirus pandemic will go away and a period of normalcy will return again. At that time, will sales be identical to what it was before COVID-19? The pandemic changed how we live and sell, plus it upended sales processes. In-person discussions might not occur in the same way as it did before for quite a while. Remote presentations are part of the new normal, and sales engagement programs are important.

How To Retain The Relationship With Your Local Customers During A Crisis?

Michael Finnigan
Dec 31, 2020
Small businesses in America have suffered huge losses due to the crisis. Although the unprecedented times put them through extreme hardships, this can also be seen as an opportunity to work on crisis communication plans that would be useful in the future when unexpected events like a personal emergency or natural disaster occur. Here are some of the ways to retain the relationship with your customers during this time.

How To Create A Successful Home Office

Michael Finnigan
Nov 02, 2020
One of the things that people responding to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates is that people don’t need to be physically present in the office to be resourceful. They can do their office jobs from home as efficiently as they did from offices before the pandemic. However, work from home isn’t a practical option for all. Healthcare workers, production employees, and retail workers have to be physically present at the location in order to do their jobs.

What Are The Benefits Of Working From Home Even After The Pandemic?

Michael Finnigan
Oct 26, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has dismantled industrial workplaces and remote work culture is one of the most visible changes among other regulations that came into effect due to the pandemic. Remote work is going to stay around for a while, at least until the pandemic is gone. Have you ever thought of the benefits your business would get by continuing work from home policy beyond the pandemic?