How To Create A Successful Home Office

Michael Finnigan
Nov 02, 2020

One of the things that people responding to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates is that people don’t need to be physically present in the office to be resourceful. They can do their office jobs from home as efficiently as they did from offices before the pandemic. However, work from home isn’t a practical option for all. Healthcare workers, production employees, and retail workers have to be physically present at the location in order to do their jobs.

For people who can make use of the “work from home” protocol, the crisis has opened the door to a world of new possibilities. The new work culture can inspire us to rewrite the definitions of office in the future.  Following some logical guidelines is essential to be effective while working from home.

Stick To Your Work Routine

You don’t need to altogether change the work routine you followed before starting working from home. Wake up at the same time you woke up when you worked at the office. Try to maintain the same time schedule while working from home. For example, if you worked 8-5 in your office, follow that time schedule at home as well. If you had to spend a lot of time traveling to and from the office earlier, use the extra time you get now to meditate, exercise, or do something that makes you feel positive.

While working from home, you may be tempted to do some household chores by putting off some important work tasks. Creating a strict time schedule and sticking to it can help you avoid this tendency. Take breaks in between the work to grab a coffee or drink. Also, make sure you eat well.

Build A Functional Work Space

Regardless of which area in your house you are using as an office, make it your own personal space.  In case, you don’t have a separate room to convert into your office, don’t be disappointed. You can still make it work.  Set up a desk at the corner of the family room or living room and personalize the area by adding things that remind you of your office.

In order to make your workspace effective, you have to set some rules for your family members to follow. Ask your partner and children to not disturb you during work hours unless there is an emergency.

Choose Ergonomic Furniture

Check with your boss to see if you will be provided with some reimbursements for a few home essentials.  If not, you might be able to use some extra chairs and desks left unused at home. You may also take your office chair home if possible.

If you are buying a new desk, choose one that can be adjusted according to whether you are sitting or standing. It helps you stay focused when you change positions while working. Buy a chair that seems comfortable to you and gives enough support for your back.

Think Of Buying A New Work Phone

If you are using your personal mobile for office communications, it is possible that you can get distracted by incoming phone calls. Purchasing an inexpensive phone exclusively for office use can be of great help when it comes to keeping your personal and professional life separate.

If you form an efficient plan and follow it, you can get through the “work from home” period easily.