Expansion of Remote Working is Becoming Conventional

Michael Finnigan
Apr 19, 2021

The world is becoming a strange place as we have never seen before. Many countries are maintaining social distancing protocols. They are minimizing the density of humans and implementing new innovative ideas to keep normal processes and functions running. Soon after the physical world stops, people are crowding the digital world like never before. With the increase in demand for remote working platforms, businesses are adopting remote working environments and making it a norm. Still, as the pandemic is about to end, many businesses are keen on making a remote workforce the norm.

1. Remote Employees are Productive

Currently, we can easily see that employees are showing better results than traditional ways. Even though critics won’t agree but staying at home and working in their private space is keeping employees energetic. With less time spent on traveling, the productive spirit of employees is higher. They feel happy even after working, bringing productivity to their lives.

Overall, employees are also much happier and are able to manage their time better. All of this contributes to them being more productive and feeling less pressure.

2. IoT is Changing the Course

The internet of things is making manufacturing tasks easier and taking humans out of redundant tasks. The main approach behind this technology is to provide the product to the consumer without any hassles or errors. However, consumers receive their products and services at the comfort of their homes. Technologies such as AI home assistants, smart thermostats, and interconnected electric systems are making traditional homes smarter. Therefore, employees can easily work from their kitchen without having to worry too much.

3. Enforced Flexibility

COVID-19 did not bring many positive things with it. However, it worked well for the digital advancement and changes in disruptive events. With the support of technology, we were able to stay in our home and perform all the activities as usual. Adopting an effective and healthy remote working strategy and performing digital transformation was necessary for the business sector. After adapting to these new times, companies found their employees less stressed and more engaged.


If you are looking to implement remote working policies for your company, you should first start with the basics. To succeed with the task, you should equip your employees with three things:

  • Clear instructions
  • Disciplinary excellence
  • Adequate technology

Ensure that your workers have a laptop, desktop, or tablet to perform their tasks. Also, introduce wide-ranging software in each device so your employees can perform all the business activities through a proper channel.