Here’s What You Need To Know About SEO Before You Start Selling Online

Michael Finnigan
Mar 29, 2021

In this digital era, most startups live and die by the clicks they are getting. If you want your website to survive, you need to optimize it for the customers to find it. If the website is not optimized, you are digging your own grave.

However, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving and you need to keep up with the new rules, strategies, and practices that are changing with the evolution. Most small companies that started recently may not be in a position to hire an SEO expert. If you are one of them, these tips may help you boost your website rankings.

SEO Is Not Just Keywords

Most people think that SEO is only focused on keyword and website traffic. While both are very important aspects of SEO, they are not the only concerns of search engine optimization. The aims of SEO also include the creation of effective customer service funnels, sharing high-quality content, and most importantly standing out among the competitors.

Without a strong SEO strategy, your website is not going to come on top of the search results. Your strong local customer base or high-quality products you are selling through your website becomes irrelevant if you are hidden from the view. Today, SEO is an essential digital marketing tool a company needs to thrive. It has the capability of making or breaking your company.

The first step in implementing a good SEO strategy is by creating good content for your website. The content should be easier to read and should answer all the questions that the audience has. The content should most importantly hold the attention of the visitor. The best way to keep the visitor engaged in your website is by creating high-quality content.

Another aspect is the speed of the website. If it takes too long to load, the visitor won’t bother to look at it. You should also provide all the relevant links and offer customer support. These aspects are very important for a good customer experience. If your site loads quickly, answers all the questions and has proper customer support, they will stay on your site for a while.

More visitors and longer sessions can improve your website ranking on the search result page. This will increase the traffic further, which means your sales will increase.

Do Not Stop Experimenting With SEO

The keyword values and search volumes can change, just like the ranking factors. The key is an early and ongoing adjustment. The main focus of some agencies is the optimization of conversion-oriented pages for certain keywords. Some other agencies build backlinks from third-party publications.

You can only control your site. If only a few people are filling out the forms, place them on another side of the page. If you think that the website traffic is not what you expected, relink your website pages and make it easier for the audience to explore. Try to link the old blog posts to the new content.

It is ok to ask the audience where to begin if you are unsure of it. Send out surveys to your customers and make them find out what improvements that you can make. Even you can use your own employees to check the user experiences of the website.

The algorithms are regularly updated, which means keeping up with your website will ensure that your page rank is not throttle. This will result in a higher SEO ranking as well as an increase in sales and visibility.

Make your Investment In Helpful Content

As the website traffic increases, it becomes very important for you to make your website content stronger. If you don’t have good content, your brand image as well as the website ranking are at stake. Your ranking will decrease if the content does not satisfy the visitors.

People are searching the web to find someone who can help solve a problem or fill a certain need. If the first impression of your website is not good, they will turn to another website right away. Google will register the time they spend on your website and lower your website ranking accordingly.

Using a video is a good way to get visitors engaged in your website. Statistics show that users tend to spend 2.6 times longer on pages that have video content than the pages that do not have such content. When the users spend at least one minute on your website watching the video, Google will register it and your ranking will be upgraded accordingly.

You should note that adding too many videos to your website can nullify all your efforts. Too many videos on your website can confuse the visitors or even slow down your website. Make sure to be kind to your visitors. Ensure that they can find the things they look for easily and create a good first impression.

Target The Sweet Spot

When you plan your SEO strategy, make sure to aim for the sweet spot, which is low keyword difficulty, low competition, and high search volume. Tools like Google Keyword Planner can help you to find excellent keywords. They also help you to identify some SEO opportunities that are overlooked.

It is important to choose your keywords wisely. If you are choosing short-tail keywords like “graphics cards”, the competition will be higher. The search volume will be less for long-tail keywords like “best gaming computer graphics cards”, but the competition is very few. The best choice you have is “fastest graphics cards”, which has less competition than the short-tail keyword but high volume than the long-tail keyword.