How Can Micro-Mobility Contribute to a Better Future?

Michael Finnigan
Apr 15, 2021

Micro Mobility is a way of transportation that utilizes clean energy, such as rechargeable batteries. These bikes and scooters have a positive impact on the climate and offer a sustainable way of traveling. Micro Mobility is ideal for short commutes. Your vehicle will not go above 15 miles/hour. The market of micro Mobility is expected to grow to $300 billion by 2030 in the United States of America (Source). Let’s explore some benefits and ways in which micro Mobility will provide a better future:

Benefits of Micro Mobility


If you are living in a city, you might agree how expensive it would be to rent a car, taxi, and other means of transportation to reach your destination. Comparatively, renting a scooter or a bike is not that expensive.


A lot of people in the city frequently use bicycles to reach from one destination to another. However, Micro Mobility enables people to fill in the transportation gaps. Micro Mobility helps you reach from one transportation option to other, making it a convenient option. Furthermore, it also increases transportation equity, enabling more residents to have better transportation options.


We can reduce a lot of cars from the road and overcome traffic congestion. Also, it will help lower the carbon emission from vehicles, protecting the environment as a result. Therefore micro Mobility is an environmental-friendly option and does not generate energy from fossil fuel.

What will be the Future like with Micro Mobility?

Micro Mobility will change our streets due to an overhaul of the means of transportation. As e-scooters and bikes require proper roads, we will see a change that facilitates their movement. Here you can find some changes that we will experience in the future:

More Protected Bike Lanes

The construction of PLB or protected bike lanes is a productive idea. By providing bikers with a dedicated and protected lane on the road, government will be able to reduce fatal accidents.

Cycle Highways

In the future, we are expecting to see more cycle highways for micro Mobility. These types of PLBs are perfect for commuters with e-scooters and longer bikes. With increased usage, the government will decide to plan efficient bike routes enabling the workers to travel from home to work and other places with more convenience than ever.

Slow Streets

Many countries introduced slow streets for promoting healthy activities. In a slow street, you have to keep moving. You can jog, run, hop, or walk safely because the traffic speed and volume are at a minimum in these streets.


As more people consider e-scooters and bikes, we can see how Micro Mobility will become a necessary part of city plans in the future. If everything goes right, roads will become safer and the environment will become cleaner.