What is ConnectAndSell and How Does it Automate Sales Workflow?

Michael Finnigan
Oct 21, 2021

ConnectAndSell is a simple yet effective tool that makes tasks easier for sales teams. This is a conversation acceleration platform that drives sales through the sales pipeline. When businesses communicate with prospects over the phone, they find multiple challenges such as delayed response. This influences employees’ productivity by occupying their valuable time. But, after integrating ConnectAndSell, teams can engage, qualify, and close successful deals.

The tool removes the guesswork and automates workflows by providing features such as agent-assisted dialing. Also, it routinely offers clean prospect lists to the sales team, allowing it to communicate with potential customers and close more deals. Other functionalities of ConnectAndSell include professional coaching, analytics, and benchmarking.

ConnectAndSell’s Lightening is a patented technology that combines human technology with gatekeepers, IVR phone menu trees, and navigating voicemails. The features include

  • Lead injection
  • Hot transfer
  • Mobile app
  • Email and Voicemail
  • Visibility
  • Listing
  • Quick lists
  • Smart lists
  • Coaching

Besides the above features, ConnectAndSell automates and customizes voicemail, email, and phone calls through customized templates and automatically prioritizing contacts and leads. Sales teams can integrate ConnectAndSell with Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, Hubspot, and Oracle.

The Benefits of ConnectAndSell for Sales Team

Let’s understand how a ConnectAndSell interface can help sales teams automate their workflow:

1. Generate Leads

ConnectAndSell is a sales management tool that automates lead generation. Using this tool, sales managers can increase efficiency in repetitive tasks and generate more leads. When a business automates its sales and marketing process, it can invest its time in building new strategies and increasing business growth.

2. Maximize Connections

By automating sales calls, marketing teams can increase the response rate. This leads to better customer relationships. When sales agent receives every call from their customers, they have to keep some customers in the queue. This reduces customers’ interest in your business. In these conditions, most customers hang up the call reducing the conversion rate.

3. Provide Guidance

Sales managers can generate insights and rectify their techniques to target more prospects in the future. Also, the tool comes with a conference call option that helps managers with shadow calling. As a result, supervisors can evaluate their subordinates and conduct training sessions. This method enhances the team’s productivity and offers various learning opportunities to employees.

4. Leave Strategic Voicemails

Well-planned voicemails stand out and create a positive impact on the audience. It helps teams connect with their prospects and make a great impression. Voicemails are a great help for the sales team if utilized strategically. They can share valuable information with their prospect and keep the conversion going.

5. Send Emails

This tool automates emails and engages with new and existing prospects differently. Those ways managers can create a personalized experience and convert prospects into customers. The tool enables teams to set programmable metrics and automate emails and follow-up calls.


Sales and marketing teams should consider integrating ConnectAndSell with their sales workflow. This tool helps teams respond to their prospect in real-time. With automated follow-up calls, employees can connect with prospects through a patented closed-loop calling process.