Tools to Enhance Your Employee's Productivity and Time Management

Michael Finnigan
Jan 10, 2022

Tools to Enhance Your Employee's Productivity and Time Management
Whether you manage an in-house business or startup, your overall progress depends on employees’ productivity and time management. Business owners improve internal communication, set strategic goals, and offer incentives. This helps them boost employee performance. But today, you can seek help from technology to enhance the company’s overall performance. Numerous productivity tools are available to boost employee performance. They are:

· Improve team collaboration

· Boost decision-making ability

· Reduce the time required to complete a task

Business owners can choose from a wide range of productive applications and platforms. That way they can streamline the business process and prevent disruption and delay to complete tasks. In this post, you will find some effective tools to enhance your employee productivity and time management.

1. Slack
Slack is a popular communication tool with easy integrations and instant messaging formats. Google Drive, Mail Chimp, and ZenDesk are some tools that you can easily integrate with Slack. Teams can create multiple channels for specific projects, departments, and even specific conversations. Keep in mind that effective communication improves business productivity. Employees can also track previous communications and easily share files. This reduces the risks of mistakes and errors.

2. Asana
Asana is a project management tool with a wide range of features. Team managers can create and assign projects to teams and check their progress. Since this tool enables employees and managers to share files and communicate, it reduces human error and misconceptions.

These tools offer different workflow templates for different tasks such as event planning, product launch, and editorial calendar. Using Asana, you can delegate tasks, share feedback, and track progress in a single window.

Asana is a popular project management tool and the templates it contains have been tried and tested by different teams. So, if you want to improve the overall performance of your team, the Asana product management tool would be a great help.

3. Time Doctor
Time Doctor enables you to track employees’ everyday activities. With the help of this employee tracking tool, you can track your team’s performance and identify the challenges they encounter. Time Doctor also helps you track the time by the hour. The application offers features, such as:

· Application usage monitoring

· Time reports

· Pop-up alerts to prevent distractions.

Time Doctor is a perfect tool for businesses, where employees procrastinate.

4. CoSchedule
CoSchedule brings your entire team on the same platform. For instance, when your marketing team operates the same platform to achieve similar goals, they can easily collaborate. In easy words, CoSchedule allows managers to plan, create, and execute marketing campaigns. With the help of this tool, marketing teams can save time, combine tasks, organize workflow, and track progress.

The above tools improve your team’s productivity and time management skills. Employees can understand projects and share insights about changes and problems. Furthermore, teams become stronger with better collaboration tools. Also, managers can:

· Track asset allocation

· Schedule and manage projects

· Improve internal communications.

These factors directly boost overall teams’ performance and increase efficiency. When you integrate these tools with your business, you can align your team and focus on business goals.