Common Public Wi-Fi Mistakes to Avoid

Michael Finnigan
Jul 04, 2022

Going anywhere without the internet seems less fun and entertaining, right? Well, that's why your local coffee shop and even the shopping precinct offer free public Wi-Fi connections. It’s to satisfy the consumers and keep places worth visiting. However, many people don't realize public Wi-Fi connections' hidden dangers and secret security risks.

It would help if you had little awareness about how to remain safe on a public Wi-Fi connection. Don’t make the following mistakes when using public internet hotspots such as Wi-Fi connections. Otherwise, you will open access points and backdoors for online hackers and information priers.

· Not Using a VPN
VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. If you're using public Wi-Fi, install a VPN and use it for safe access. The basic purpose of a VPN is to encrypt all your data so that online attackers and hackers can't access it. Before installing and using a VPN, compare multiple VPN plans and providers to choose the most suitable one.

· Sharing Files without Safety
Are you about to share confidential business files with your boss while having a hot coffee at your local coffee shop? Don’t even think about doing that on a public Wi-Fi connection, and turn off automatic file sharing features when you're not using a private or safe internet connection.

When you're in automatic file sharing mode, your files and other data, plus your device name and features, are visible on a network. Hence, hackers and online attackers can easily intercept the signals and plant malware-infected files in your computer.

· Dealing with Money
Online shopping and banking are two of the most dangerous tasks you could perform when connected to a public Wi-Fi connection. It's like sharing your log-in credentials to your bank account and other banking details such as debit/credit card pins and account balance with online attackers without restraint.

Online hackers set up loopholes and unusual attacks to capture unaware people's credit card and banking information. Don't let your excitement and happiness flush your mind and prompt you to do online banking at a coffee shop. Be thoughtful and take money-business to a safe and sound internet access point like your home.

· Automatically Connecting to Public Wi-Fi Connections
This is one of the most basic yet common public Wi-Fi mistakes people can't stop making. It's a huge security risk when your device is set to connect to a Wi-Fi connection that's free and open to the public.

Due to automatic connections, online attackers and hackers pry at thousands of people's data. So, set your device to manual connecting features where you choose when and which Wi-Fi to connect with.

Connecting with the rest of the world makes people feel alive, and the internet plays a massive part in it. However, having internet at your hands doesn't mean you're always safe. Using public Wi-Fi connections should prompt you to take appropriate security measures. Use a firewall or VPN to mask your identity and create a safety barrier between you and hackers at all times.