Find Out How Technology has Transformed HR Roles and Tasks

Michael Finnigan
Jun 27, 2022

Without technology, you can’t imagine personal or business life. The era we live in is filled with technologies, electronic devices, and many cool gadgets. The technologies keep evolving and bettering over the years to improve both business and personal lives of people.

When talking about businesses, you must realize that the latest tech has significantly influenced a few departments, including marketing and HR. In this post, we will talk about a few popular Human Resource technologies and how they help professionals in the said department.

An Overview of HR Technology
What is HR technology? Human Resource professionals have to hire, monitor, and train employees at a business. Those are the three primary responsibilities of an HR expert. However, there are other duties, including researching new HR trends, keeping the workplace secure/comfortable, and creating flexible working conditions.

An "HR technology" refers to any tech, device, or concept that eases the burden of responsibilities and duties on HR experts. From reviewing thousands of resumes and conducting a lot of interviews to assigning job roles and calculating payrolls, all become easier with the help of HR technologies. Here are a few HR tech trends in 2022.

1. Employee Benefits/Perks Administration
Modern-day employees seek jobs based on two critical factors: salary and perks. By offering a good fringe benefits plan, companies seem to retain employees for longer. Providing employee benefits also improves job satisfaction and motivation in the workforce. However, assigning, managing, and calculating benefits plans aren’t easy tasks.

Benefit plans don’t remain static for any employee in an organization. They keep changing as per the performance and job responsibilities. With the help of software applications and tools, employers can efficiently allocate and transfer employee benefits.

2. Travelling Expense Management
Modern-day companies have dynamic working environments and huge workforces. When many employees at such companies constantly travel or partake in many events, it's hard to manage expenses. Of course, a business will cover traveling and event costs for its employees. But, the main issue is allocating, calculating, and writing expense reports.

Modern software applications allow managers in HR departments to do that in real-time. As every expense springs up, experts include it in digital sheets and calculating software. Based on the settings, the software produces expense reports at the end of the prescribed periods.

3. Candidate Relationship Management/Applicant Tracking System
The advanced applicant tracking systems allow companies to keep tabs on prospective hires early on. From the time prospective employees set foot on a job webpage, a cutting-edge applicant tracking system can monitor their activities.

Using candidate relationship management and applicant tracking systems helps HR professionals streamline the hiring process. Combine that with performance analytics, and you could've highly comprehensive reports on prospective hires’ abilities.

Does your HR department lack the transformative technology mentioned above? It would help if you considered implementing new ideas and adopting new technologies in your Human Resource department. Various HR technologies can bring many benefits, including fast hiring processes, efficient employee training, and better workforce monitoring. So, analyze your HR department's needs and opt for suitable tech updates.