Latest Product Marketing Ideas and Trends Using SaaS in 2022

Michael Finnigan
Jun 23, 2022

The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is expanding at a noticeable rate. It refers to a service delivery model where a provider (i.e., company/brand) provides software licenses to users. The delivery model is subscription-based, and the source software is hosted centrally within the provider's platform. You can think of it as an “on-demand service for software use”.

SaaS also includes software for marketing. Today, digital marketers require an expansive range of tools and features to carry out marketing campaigns. As the cloud computing landscape transforms further, digital marketers use SaaS for various product marketing ideas. Check out the top SaaS marketing trends!

Interactive Infographic Marketing
Businesses utilize infographics to improve brand authority on the web. Infographic marketing also helps companies and organizations gain higher online exposure. Further, it allows link building across the internet so that a brand appears more authoritative to online customers.

Simply put, it's considered a top-performing visual format marketing technique. SaaS companies are already providing interactive infographic marketing tools and features to businesses.

Native Advertising
Display ads are becoming less valuable by the day. That is causing potential revenue losses for companies all over the US. Soon, using display advertisement strategies and tools to market products through a SaaS platform could be ineffective.

Native ads appear as a suitable replacement for display ads nowadays. Native ads allow companies to reach customers at the most crucial customer journey stages. They are pretty effective in raising the conversion rate. Native ads usually answer specific consumer queries and highlight how a product solves the problem.

 Feature Marketing Trends
Software as a Service platforms offer ever-evolving product marketing solutions. The platforms keep adding new features, tools, and extensions to improve companies’ approaches to product marketing. One of the latest trends that have picked up heat through SaaS platforms includes “feature marketing”.

SaaS companies are allowing other businesses to up their marketing game through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Companies can use feature marketing via SaaS platforms when adding new features to their products/services. The methods are more effective and reach out to a wide audience.

With feature marketing through SaaS, it’s easier to attract new customers, diversify marketing in various segments, and retain current customers. Through feature marketing, companies create appealing ads and offer customers free trials. SaaS platforms' top feature marketing ideas are discussing a product's new features and offering free trials.

Do you find any of the ideas mentioned above intriguing and worth considering? If you do, you must find a reputable SaaS company to utilize those product marketing trends. Once you find the right SaaS company to help you, make sure you formulate a strategy using accurate information.

You can opt for professional help and guidance to make sure your product marketing ideas are potentially effective. The marketing dynamics keep evolving, so you must also keep tabs on new trends in check.