How Does Cloud Computing Help HR?

Michael Finnigan
Oct 07, 2021
When you look at competitive businesses, they now utilize cloud computing one way or another. Here’s how the HR department of an organization benefits from cloud computing.

5 Critical HR Technology Trends to Adapt

Michael Finnigan
Sep 13, 2021
Human Resource has seen some major developments throughout the previous decade. Hence, we bring you the 5 latest HR technology trends for 2021.

Increasing your reach to hire new employees: 5 great recruitment strategies

Michael Finnigan
Jul 08, 2021
Nowadays, the hiring process has undergone a dramatic change, but if you apply advanced techniques and use the right tools, it is not that hard. Keep on reading to learn more!

Ways to Retain Employees in Your Business – Improving HR

Michael Finnigan
Jun 24, 2021
Employees build an organization without which a business can’t function effectively. HR has an important part to play here. Read a few ways to retain employees in your business.

How To Improve Your Company Culture

Michael Finnigan
Apr 01, 2021
With the pandemic flipping the narrative, many smaller business enterprises are in a position that offers them an advantageous perspective in the marketplace. With the new way to tap into a bigger customer base, there is more pressure to offer prompt delivery. Making the company culture better is among the ways to accomplish that. Below are some steps that could just aid new and experienced companies in improving their company culture this year.

Is Virtual Training Effective?

Michael Finnigan
Mar 25, 2021
In this time of crisis, virtual training is becoming the norm. However, many people are still confused about the effectiveness of virtual training. Many experts are saying that the effectiveness of virtual training depends on various factors. One of the major aspects of virtual training is preplanning, which is very essential for conducting very effective virtual training for your team. According to experts, there are four major components that determine the effectiveness of a virtual training session. Let’s take a look at which those are.

What Makes A Recruitment Manager Great?

Michael Finnigan
Mar 11, 2021
In what way can you demonstrate that you are concerned about that potential employee and making an impression on them right through the recruitment procedure? Strong processes and systems, plus technology, can help you to confirm that applicants remain engaged and excited in the whole process.

Ways Of Making Staff Members Continue To Learn At Work

Michael Finnigan
Jan 14, 2021
Companies could not achieve their business objectives if they lack a dedicated and qualified labor force. With new technologies arising, it has become more and more useful to have on-the-job (OJT) training programs in enhancing workers’ practical skills and soft skills. Anyhow, there is more to learning when at work than formal training. Enterprises have to be creative to make workers keep honing their expertise.

Why It Is Important To Consider Employee Engagement

Michael Finnigan
Nov 05, 2020
Gallup surveys suggest that high worker engagement levels could aid companies in reducing the staff attrition of them by 25% to 65%. The above statistics just shows the extent to which worker engagement is invaluable. It was related to a different corporate concept called productivity, but there is more to employee engagement than just productivity.

Tips For Recruiting People And Building A Remote Team

Michael Finnigan
Jun 15, 2020
Nations around the world saw a drastic change that occurred in only a matter of a few days. A worldwide pandemic caused a recession to occur and uncertainty started to affect business people and new businesses all over the world.