Increasing your reach to hire new employees: 5 great recruitment strategies

Michael Finnigan
Jul 08, 2021


For applicants, the world of recruiting is a competitive place where everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie. From fresh new graduates to experienced veterans and rising geniuses, you need to sort through them all. If you don’t improve your recruiting game, you risk competitors getting ahead. As an employer, you should consider all the possible ways you can find and employ people who align with your job descriptions and your company culture as well.

Recruitment and Strategies

Put out a Concrete Advertisement

The sort of candidates you end up receiving depends on how you structure and word out your job description. Don’t let the advertisement be too specific. Give it a general feel so that your applicant pool is more diverse. Diversity gives you a firm advantage, and expectations will vary as well. All of this will make hiring easier for you.

Targeted Advertising

This uses the internet, and technologies such as AI, to target people who better fit your job description. Platforms such as Google constantly collect data on their users so they can improve advertising. When you place an ad for a software engineer (for example) through them, the algorithm will show your advertisement only to people with related searches and activities.

Employee Referrals

Employee referral programs reward existing employees for recommending candidates to a position. Your existing employees will have a better understanding of the type of candidates that can suit the company environment. Therefore, a referral candidate is more likely to be suitable. It also reduces recruiting time and cost.

Considering the Contingent Workforce

These can be a good stick to lean on when in a tight situation. Often with large projects, a company ends up realizing they are short on staff. It is not that easy to employ someone new during times like these. Freelancers and part-timers are a cost-effective alternative. They are experienced, and if they maintain a healthy relationship, they might even become permanent employees.

Appealing to Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are not actively searching for employment. This makes it easier for you as you will have less competition. They are also less likely to require training and more likely to make an impact on your company. They are also better than active candidates. The very nature of their position means that they are well-versed and experienced in their profession, making them valuable additions to your talent pool.


It is always better to bet on multiple horses. If one doesn’t win, the others probably will. The same can be said for this scenario. Putting all your strength and resources behind a single method will seldom lead you anywhere. Employing a number of techniques is more suitable to bringing you a diverse, experienced, and satisfactory lineup of candidates.

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