Top 3 Technologies to Expand Your Sales Funnel

Michael Finnigan
May 16, 2022

Are you experiencing a downtime in sales? Is competition the main factor that’s affecting your progress? You can ask a lot of questions to get to the root of the issue that’s leading to reduced sales and less acknowledgment in the market.

But while you do that, look at the impact reduced sales are having on your business operations. If you’re a startup, competing with large businesses in your respective industry can be challenging.

Driving leads into the sales funnel and generating a reliable customer base are two of the trickiest tasks that you will have to complete to get on top of the competition in the market. We will take a brief look at a few common but highly overlooked technologies that help in expanding the sales funnel.

1. Conversational AI and Chatbot Application
Chatbots are usually present on live websites and social media-associated pages where brands and companies use them to interact with customers and potential customers in real-time. So, it’s an engaging factor that also improves the recognition of a brand in the market.

The real issue is that chatbots usually have a set of questions that they can answer. That means chatbots won’t comprehend, analyze, and answer questions that aren’t present in the set of pre-defined questions.

You can use conversation AI to bridge the gap. With conversational AI combined with chatbots, your customers will feel like they’re talking to a real human being and will encourage them to make the purchase since they will be more engaged.

2. Analytical Tools
It’s one of the top marketing technologies to incorporate into the business. You can think of analytical tools as medical equipment to check for your business’s pulses. It highlights your strengths, weaknesses, and achievements in various aspects, including marketing.

Analytical tools take various forms of input and deliver quantifiable reports for you to make informed decisions, ranging from marketing to operation. From website traffic and user engagement to click-through rates and campaign conversions, analytical tools offer great benefits.

3. Sales Pipeline
The sales pipeline is also an effective technology in the run to expand the sales funnel. It can help you map out the sales journey pertaining to different types of target audiences with accuracy. Once you create a comprehensible map of the sales journey, you can point out specific stages in it.

Following that, the sales pipeline technology, which is typically the use of advanced software and tools, will help you divert resources to the most beneficial stages of the process and where most work is necessary. For example, your sales team can divert their attention and nurture the stage where leads turn into customers successfully.

The global market is full of the latest technology, and there are fewer restrictions than before. You can reach your business goals and accomplish various objectives with the help of a combination of tech. Improving business operations isn’t just about finding the right business leaders, hiring the perfect employees, and drafting the best ideas.

Instead, the success of a modern business is in integration with the latest technology. Just like you can expand your sales funnel with the help of the three popular technologies, you can complete other business tasks with the help of tech as well.