The Role of Virtual Reality for Recruitment and Training

Michael Finnigan
Nov 15, 2021
However, integrating VR technology will make the recruitment process efficient and quick. Recruiters no longer have to screen through hundreds of resumes to identify the top 10 with relevant skills sets. Let us discuss how Virtual Reality is revolutionizing the recruitment and training procedures:

Increasing your reach to hire new employees: 5 great recruitment strategies

Michael Finnigan
Jul 08, 2021
Nowadays, the hiring process has undergone a dramatic change, but if you apply advanced techniques and use the right tools, it is not that hard. Keep on reading to learn more!

How Augmented Reality Can Help with Employee Recruitment

Michael Finnigan
Jan 18, 2022
The impact of machine learning and AI in recruiting can be vast. It can singlehandedly revolutionize the recruiting process for HR managers and companies. There is plenty of talk about AI in many disciplines. However, the sector of employee recruiting might as well reap the highest rewards once the augmented reality takes full control.

Recruiting and HR Bots - How They Can Streamline Recruitment Process?

Michael Finnigan
Feb 08, 2022
Do you think your HR recruitment process will be more efficient with the addition of HR bots and chatbots in the company? Here’s why you’re thinking right.

Avoid These Typical HR Recruitment Mistakes in 2022!

Michael Finnigan
Apr 12, 2022
Is your business facing expansion in 2022? If so, you need the right candidates to fill job positions. Here are the top HR recruitment mistakes to avoid.