How Augmented Reality Can Help with Employee Recruitment

Michael Finnigan
Jan 06, 2022

The impact of machine learning and AI in recruiting can be vast. It can singlehandedly revolutionize the recruiting process for HR managers and companies. There is plenty of talk about AI in many disciplines. However, the sector of employee recruiting might as well reap the highest rewards once the augmented reality takes full control.

AI in Recruiting
AR, or augmented reality helps add a digital layer to different functionalities, which include recruitment. Technologies that work on the mechanisms of machine learning are able to process large amounts of data in short amount of time. Large companies get thousands, if not millions of job applications in a year.

Streamlining all the application, processing them, and selecting the best recruits can therefore is a time consuming procedure. Thanks to AI and machine learning, recruiters will be able to seamlessly streamline this process and make it better and more cost effective.

By digitalizing the recruiting process, HR professionals not only make their jobs easier, but also make the recruiting process more just and efficient for the applicants. Not only that, digitizing the recruiting process also means that companies can make the recruiting process more innovative and fun for the applicant.

For instance, some companies have integrated an AI powered online recruiting method which requires applicants to participate in a game remotely. When partaking in this game, the AI algorithm accesses your aptitude, logical thinking, appetite for risk and other things.

Machine learning algorithms can measure different aspects of a candidate very precisely. Since there are many use-cases of artificial intelligence, it can be used in different stages of the entire recruitment process.

Machine Learning Interview
Instead of being interviewed by a person, applicants in the future will have to prepare for interviews with machine learning algorithms. By augmenting the general interview procedure, algorithms can present you with a set of questions, and in your own time, you will be required to answer them.

After you have recorded your answer to the question, AI technologies will use voice recognition to analyze and access your answers. They will also utilize machine vision and facial recognition to access your body language. This will help truly augment and recreate the HR interview process.

Future of AR
AI or artificial technology also has the potential to help people train and acquire new skills much easier than ever before. Artificial intelligence’s integration into the recruiting process is very fascinating since it makes the recruiting process unbiased. Assessments, video interviews, and other processes within the augmented reality mechanism are not influenced by any external factor. They are simply run on the program of the developer.

Final Thoughts
Going through augmented reality powered recruiting process is incredible for job seekers due to feedback. The AI program also gives feedback after accessing answers, which expose you to what you have done well, and also where you lack. This is a valuable insight which can help you learn from mistakes and get better when applying elsewhere.