Virtual Reality

How Businesses Can Integrate Virtual Reality for Enhanced Customer Experience?

Michael Finnigan
Nov 29, 2021
Virtual Reality is a powerful tool and offers higher engagement when used for marketing purposes. Here are some ways in which marketing teams can integrate VR technology:

The Role of Virtual Reality for Recruitment and Training

Michael Finnigan
Nov 15, 2021
However, integrating VR technology will make the recruitment process efficient and quick. Recruiters no longer have to screen through hundreds of resumes to identify the top 10 with relevant skills sets. Let us discuss how Virtual Reality is revolutionizing the recruitment and training procedures:

How 5G Influences Virtual and Augmented Reality

Michael Finnigan
Oct 28, 2021
5G technology is commercially available, and different industries are fussing about integrating this technology with virtual and augmented reality. Here are some reasons why integrating 5G with AR and VR technologies will revolutionize the industrial sector:

What You Should Already Know about Tactical VR

Michael Finnigan
Sep 02, 2021
Virtual reality is drastically becoming a norm in today’s society. Now we can use simulated workflow, realistic environment, and contextualized scenarios to generate critical feedback. Below, we will discuss some benefits of Tactical VR that you should know:

Five Top Innovative Technology Trends To Look For in 2022

Michael Finnigan
Jan 18, 2022
If you want to predict the advancement in the technological world, you need to check trending technologies and their impact. In this post, you will find major trends that will change the world in 2022.