State-of-The-Art Method to Make Customer Feedback Actionable

Michael Finnigan
May 09, 2022

Traditional methods of gaining customer feedback remain invaluable even today, the same way surveys, applications, forms, and direct staff-to-customer interactions are extremely important for a business. However, the accuracy and repetitiveness of tasks is improving with the addition of technology.

In the modern tech-driven world that businesses thrive in, companies can leverage high-end customer feedback tools and enhance the efficiency of customer feedback generation. Today, you will see deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data as the highest trending technologies for feedback collection.

Those technologies improve the usefulness of a huge proportion of customer feedback regardless of the industry type. Artificial intelligence and deep learning help with evaluation and reaching conclusions based on customer feedback. Overall, businesses can now make customer feedback more actionable.

Powerful Analytics and Smart Issue Categorization
Machine learning and pattern detection algorithms power AI systems to help categorize and organize the unstructured customer feedback. The categorization is automatic but rather time-consuming if you considering performing manually.

With the use of improved artificial intelligence applications, customer complaints and tickets can be categorized easily. The customer tickets will automatically fall under pre-defined categories while the advanced AI systems try and solve the issues. If the issues appear complex, the system may pass it onto the customer service reps.

The main benefit is that machine learning algorithms can detect irregularities and issues with quantitative and qualitative analysis. In addition, after detecting irregularities, the system can report the issues back to the professionals at the backend.

Maximum Accuracy via Automation of Repetitive Processes
We all know that artificial intelligence has transformed countless industries around us. The previously time-consuming tasks are now completed within a few minutes using AI and associated technologies of today.

If the analytical and evaluation tools are programmed properly, they can reduce human intervention in various business processes. The tools can generate more data and work tirelessly. Hence, they reduce the need of human intervention and can be a break from mundane tasks within an organization.

If you place automated customer service programs powered via AI and machine learning technologies, the output will be free of partiality and human bias.

High-Accuracy Text Analysis
Do you know that with the help of artificial intelligence, it’s possible to analyze and evaluate customer interactions based on their emotions and thoughts. Although the AI-powered customer feedback system won’t tap into customers’ minds, it will assess the received feedback.

By analyzing the text and what customers have to say to the company, the AI-powered tools and analytics can derive conclusions. The tools are void of any bias or partiality. Also, such tools can evaluate the frequency of particular words, their use, and tone of customer feedback.


It’s easier to work on huge chunks of customer feedback even if they’re uncategorized with the help of modern AI-enabled tools and analytics. Working on huge data sets that can be complex and tricky has become easier with machine learning, big data analysis, and other technologies. It’s worth mentioning that those technologies are still developing and have a lot more coming in the future years.

The seamless insight generation and evaluation of customer feedback saves time and resources on a company’s end if assisted by such technologies. Besides, it’s much better than customer service reps sifting through piles of raw data at their hands.