Email Tips That Will Benefit Sales And Marketing Teams During This Pandemic

Michael Finnigan
Mar 22, 2021

We can say that this pandemic has taught us a thing or two about many aspects of our lives. Many brands have discovered new potentials and figured out how to improve their business. The customers and clients have also realized new potentials during this pandemic.

Statistics have shown that online sales have skyrocketed during the lockdown, which is significant in two ways. First, the people who were not a fan of online shopping started to realize the wide range of benefits that are offered by online shopping sites. It is safe to assume that they will continue to online shop even after this pandemic is over. That means there will be a huge boost in online sales. Secondly, people have realized that shopping online can help them save a lot of money when compared to shopping inside an actual store.

Another important aspect to note is that the demand for subscription boxes is very high so that the waitlists are getting voluminous quickly. A recent study has shown that around 39% of people decided to continue online shopping even after the pandemic. Only 25% has decided to go back to in-store shopping.

It is very essential to determine the future shopping trends even though panic shopping is decreasing in most countries. It is time to grab this opportunity and try to boost future sales to keep up with the momentum. Many traditional shopping habits are going to disappear as people have discovered more efficient ways to shop.

Manage Your Subscriptions

We have already discussed that the subscription boxes have high demand. Therefore, you should start working on your subscriptions first. Even the most reputed brands in the market are finding it difficult to keep up with the rising demands. That means it’s a great time to step in.

Experts are saying that brands that have not yet offered subscriptions may benefit in the long run. This is simply because they can make a much better plan in the future depending on the subscription limit. It is also important to plan the delivery services carefully because they are also overwhelmed due to the crisis.

Another important aspect you have to look for is the offers that you are providing. You need to state clearly what the customers are getting. Usually, this is done by email campaigns. Now is a good time to send emails to the customers since most of them are at home due to the pandemic.

Increasing Sales For Booming Industries

As is expected, some businesses are booming during this pandemic, while some other businesses are finding it hard to keep their foot down. During a time of crisis, people buy only items that are very essential for their survival. Since this is a pandemic, the sale of chemicals has also gone up.

Due to the huge demand for essential items, many businesses that sell foods and other in-demand products are expecting to witness a long-term increase in their sales. One of the main reasons for that is the increased trust people have in them and the affordable prices of the products.

Even when the pandemic is over, the brands have to keep up the sales. To continue doing so, brands need to grow and manage an email list. Some brands are also investing heavily in Google and other social media ads.

Increasing Sales For Troubled Industries

It is very evident that many businesses have benefited from this crisis. However, a lot more businesses have suffered a huge decline because of this ongoing pandemic. This is mainly because no ad can change the mind of a buyer who is living in fear of losing their job. Since theaters, museums, and other similar businesses have taken a huge blow due to this crisis, people who worked there are also struggling.

Many of the museum and art galleries have offered free virtual access to people all over the world. This is a good way to attract new customers for the future. Some art galleries and broadcast companies allow you to view their artworks online for a limited time. As a result, after this crisis passes, they will gain new clients who may like what they see and are willing to subscribe.

Even if it is a great strategy, it will not help with the sales side of the business. However, there is nothing to lose in doing so. Most industries are underperforming these days, they mainly depend on the development of this crisis i.e. brands selling certain products may still be able to recover once the pandemic is over before the summer holidays.

One of the industries that has been hit the hardest due to the pandemic is tourism. Since most world governments have restricted traveling until the pandemic is over, there is nothing much travel agencies can do. Even though travel is allowed to some countries, people are reluctant to go out during this time. However, it is still important to keep their customer base alive. For that, they need to send regular newsletters, listing the expected changes in travel restrictions. This will remind people that their trusted business is still out there.

If you are also struggling due to this COVID-19 pandemic and your brand is dealing with different types of merchandise, the best way to keep your business alive is to focus on VIP buyers. Normally, the upper class does not have to worry about the future like the normal middle-class people do. Therefore, it is a great idea to test it out. Providing a special offer or discount is also another good strategy to try during this crisis.


You should remember to keep your expectations realistic. The key is to keep in touch with your customer base and notify them that you are still at their service. If anything, the pandemic has only increased the value of email campaigns. Therefore, you should maximize your use of it.