Launching A Tech Startup In 2020? Know About The Key Factors To Consider

Michael Finnigan
Jun 18, 2020

Launch of a tech startup calls for a celebration for all the people involved, as the startup would definitely be the result of a long duration of hard work and planning. Launching a tech startup in 2020 is challenging than ever as the whole world is threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence you cannot simply just hurry off into launching your tech startup without studying the current market situation and possible challenges.

Here are some of the factors that you have to consider in order to launch a tech startup in 2020.

Building The Right Team

The primary idea of the startup might be yours but that does not mean that you can do it all on your own. You would need an efficient team if you want to see your dream come true. At times, you may be tempted to head off alone, but realize that it is going to be a daunting task and that you may find it extremely tough.

Your team members including the co-founder and the development crew must work according to your vision, all while making their own contributions to the project. The right team resembles multiple moving parts of a machine that work towards a common goal. As all of them are on the same page, they will have a clear understanding of the deadlines that should be met and milestones to be covered in order to make a successful launch.

In order to work as a team, you need an efficient structure that keeps things moving forward. There should be a formal business plan and efficient project management tools.


After all, it is a tech startup that you are going to launch and it is not going to happen overnight because it requires adequate planning and testing. It is advisable that you start small and give time for your idea to evolve gradually. That does not mean that your team should not go for bold moves. You should have the willingness to adapt to the changing industrial environment, innovations in technology, and growing demands.

Start with a technology that addresses a specific problem without stressing yourself out trying to develop something that addresses a wide range of problems. User Experience plays a crucial role in deciding the success of your app. Consider the UX before starting to write the code.

Realize that key parts of your business will fall into place only if you are ready to wait patiently. Take for instance the case of HookedUp that started in 2018 as an online project idea and later evolved into an app. It is through the advancements in design, it transformed into a social networking app. Have an open mind and wait for your original idea to develop into something different and more advanced.

Financial Support

Strong financial backing is quintessential in launching an app in 2020. You will need competitive and expert coders and developers who can produce a streamlined app with a smooth user interface. This would mean that you have to invest quite a sum in human capital.

There are multiple ways available for raising capital like using an equity crowdfunding platform, SBA loans, angel investors, or your friends and family. You will need money not just to launch the initial form of your startup but also to progress to the next step.

Staying Updated

Technology never stays stagnant. Instead, it changes continuously where new ideas take shape with changing demands. Every day new tools and platforms are being introduced into the market. Studying the pace and volume of these changes is crucial for the successful launch of a startup.

It is necessary that you catch up with the latest technology to decide whether or not to include it in your platform. It means that you have to invest a significant part of your time and effort in research and development. You have to find the right balance between the expectations and the functionalities that you can offer. The ideal team constantly keeps track of the technological advancements, all while focusing on the key tasks that should be completed in a time-bound manner.