Marketing Strategies To Ensure Maximum Growth For Your Small Business

Michael Finnigan
Sep 07, 2020

It is possibly tricky to attain success for small entities, particularly when these are bouncing back from the coronavirus epidemic-induced setbacks. Anyhow, strong marketing strategies simplify working more effectively. Using the digital marketing strategy more commonly could just yield you better outputs.

Still, what if your small entity only caters to a small or localized community? Even in this case, it is important to include digital marketing. Whether you promote a small Houston-based company or a big NY-based entity, you may work with an agency that provides digital marketing services while following your marketing strategies.

Content Marketing

This form of marketing is about making and distributing informative content with practical value for the target audience of a business. A solid strategy of content marketing possibly aids your small-sized entity in driving extra traffic to its website and physical shop.

Unlike paid advertising, content marketing helps to achieve long-term outputs. It enables having the kind of business growth that can be sustained, at the same time as maximizing returns.

Some of the important components of this kind of marketing are as follows.

  • Keywords that are pertinent to your niche and/or segment
  • Excellent content which is helpful for the audience
  • Optimized webpages and blogs which rank in Google’s search engine results pages
  • Topics that increase the click-through rate percentage

Numerous online channels are part of content marketing. Make and publish your business content on social media, your site’s blog section, YouTube, and several other channels. We would recommend making content marketing a central part of your marketing mix.

Social Media Marketing

People believe that if something is not on social networking websites and applications, then it would not even exist. This is mostly true because several people rely on their preferred social networking platforms for news, business updates, and product recommendations. Search engine optimization may be very important, but it is not advisable to depend on it alone for business success. Albeit Google is the source of most of your business customers, they are likely to check you on Yelp or Facebook before deciding on purchasing anything.

Certain small businesses even lack online sites, and they have a presence only on social networking websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. In the event yours is a B2B business, then LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms that you should learn thoroughly.

Confirm that you publish the content which is part of the content marketing approach on social networks on a consistent basis. Make sure that these posts are appealing and that they provide value for the potential customers of your business. If these do not provide it, then you would not have many forms of engagement, such as shares, likes, and comments.

Influencer Marketing

When seeking maximum growth for your business, you must use influencer marketing. There are some ways of measuring business growth through sales, leads, and website traffic. Influencer marketing fulfills all the requirements.

Social media now makes up a bigger chunk of the marketing segment than ever before and it is turning more and more influential for almost every business market. Using free tools and services that every single social media platform provides, is becoming even tougher for almost every entity. These are the reasons why every entity has to utilize influencers.

Shared below are some steps to think about when looking to take your strategy of influencer marketing towards a strong path.

  • Discover social media influencers who belong to your sector
  • Be sure that the rate of engagement of the influencers that you are thinking about working with, is good.
  • Connect with them for paid content promotion through the social networking platform they utilize.
  • When working with them, just allow them to use their creativity instead of telling them what to do authoritatively.
  • Evaluate the outputs of the marketing campaigns, which involve influencers.
  • Repeat the aforementioned steps in order

These are slightly more detailed steps than what they appear on paper. Just make sure of teaming up with the best influencers for achieving your business growth objectives.

Email Marketing

Another essential marketing strategy for small entities is email marketing, but the fact is that not all businesses are utilizing it. Skeptics may say that it is a thing of the past, but this is not true. It is a useful marketing strategy even today, especially for those businesses that look to achieve as much growth as possible.

A recent study discovered that you can anticipate getting $42 in return for each dollar invested in email marketing. While this is much potential for the growth of a small entity, the business should try to streamline email marketing campaigns.

Some of the best practices for email marketing are as follows.

  • Having a simple opt-in email lead capture some amounts of space on the site of your business.
  • Avoiding selling to those who subscribe to your business emails (spams translate to high unsubscribe rates).
  • Giving each email subscriber informative and actionable information.
  • Having a subtle CTA (call-to-action) which makes it more beneficial for them to click the hyperlink to your website.
  • Sending emails to the audience consistently instead of excessive emailing.
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