Signs of Poor Customer Experience for Your Business

Michael Finnigan
Oct 04, 2021

In simple words, customer experience pertains to how your customers view your brand and business. It is an overall perception of your brand and services in the respective industry or market. Customer experience or CX is the interaction between your customers and business. For instance, if they are navigating the pages of your website, that is an interaction. How useful your website is for them will determine their quality of experience.

However, keep in mind that not every customer has the same goals when visiting your official website. While some may be there to place an order, others might want to inquire more about your services or leave a complaint/suggestion.

Poor Customer Experience

Poor CX results from users finding the services and interaction with a company, brand, or business unsatisfying. When a business fails to meet the expectations of the customers, the customer loses confidence in the brand. For example, if your website isn’t up to date, it can lead to discrepancies in customer experience. The customers may try to place an order, but due to a non-streamlined checkout process, they may leave the process incomplete and move to another website.

What Leads to Poor Customer Experience?

Lack of Real-Time Customer Service

If you are failing to offer real-time customer service, especially if you sell exclusive products, you will lose customers faster than you can gain. This is because when a customer requires information or has an urgent inquiry, they expect the business to contact them promptly. Hence, if your website lacks live chat support features, contact details, and more, you will be at a disadvantage.

Mobile Application Limitations

Suppose you offer a mobile app for the same services that you offer through a website or desktop application. In that case, it is best to keep the interface and optimization consistent throughout different platforms. Your mobile application might not offer all the tools and features of your service. Hence, inconsistent customer experience leads to customer loss.

Slow Loading Pages

Does your website take longer than usual to load when you click the link? It can be the reason why your website traffic is low. A poorly layout, slow speed is a sign of poor customer experience itself.

Website Update Failures

When you fail to update and keep your website consistent with the industry trends, you lose the competitive edge. Moreover, it will affect your customers’ experience because they will expect the latest services from you like other businesses. When you fail to deliver what your customers demand, you are building up a poor customer experience that will affect your business adversely.


In any case, if your loyal and trusted customers or clients are losing their confidence in the business, it can be detrimental to your business’s performance. The company can lose the marketing edge, sales, and good word of mouth among the customers if the overall experience of the services is poor. Furthermore, if you fail to address the points of poor customer experience, you will most likely lose your customer base and market share in the long run.