Six Ways to Boost your Search Ranking through SEO

Michael Finnigan
Apr 15, 2019

When you build out new webpages, whether it is a blog page or a “Contact Us” page, it is essential to employ SEO in order to be able to achieve the best possible benefits for your webpages. Here are some valuable tips on how to get your website ranked as high as possible:

Focus Keyword

Each webpage in your site has to contain a “focus” keyword, but the same focus keyword should not be repeated more than twice onto other pages. This is because pages that contain repetitive content would affect your ranking on Google. Keep in mind that you can have many important keywords throughout your webpage, so make sure your content is kept organic. Such content is not stuffed with keywords that are scattered here and there, which would be bad from an SEO point of view.

Optimize Your Titles

The header titles have to include the focus keyword you pick. For instance, when the keyword you want to highlight is “Digital Marketing”, the title could be “Digital Marketing Company in Los Angeles”. Titles have to be specific, and include the keyword in its entirety.

Include the Keyword in the First Paragraph

It is best to put your focus keyword right at or near the start of your webpage. The sooner a visitor sees it, the better. Then again, you should not make it seem that the keyword was forced or stuffed in expressly for this purpose. Ensure that you are including it in your copy in such a way that writing does not seem bungling as a result.

Meta Titles and Descriptions

Meta titles and meta descriptions are what your audience see on Google. In addition to including your focus keyword into your meta description and title, you have to make them short and concise. In addition, your description has to convey what you are trying to communicate through your content. It should give a brief idea about your content, and preferably have an open ending, so that users are prompted to click on the page link on the search engine to learn more.


It is essential to use good quality images on your webpage. Having them there will let you keep your audience engaged, and help break up the content for better viewing. Besides, it is very important to include alternative text comprising your focus keyword in it. The “ALT text” describes what an image is all about, and it is important for SEO.

Internal Links

Finally, on your webpage, it is essential that you add a link to another webpage on your own site. This will increase your organic traffic, in addition to allowing more visibility to other areas on the site, especially those which customers would not visit organically.

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