Unique Small Business Ideas for Beginners

Michael Finnigan
Sep 19, 2022

The idea of small business erupted in their growth in the post-COVID world; it was a very motivating appreciation for small businesses to build their foundation in various industries and niches.

If you’re looking for an expressive way to get a positive feedback from people around the world, now’s the time to do it. By following and being up to date with trends, you’ll find yourself having a head start in setting up your own business.

Some projects need less investment but can gain a major payback, just by following the ins and outs of your products reaction on the target audience. A tip for small business owners is to always make sure that your products can have trends incorporated into them, or can be used in specific events.

3 Unique Small Business Ideas for Beginners:

1) Jewelry Crafting
One of the craftiest ways to make jewelry and other ornaments is making beaded products. People have found this childhood hobby to create spectacular pieces, from floral glass ornament necklaces and earring, to constructing bag out of beads and nylon strings. Beaded jewelry is making a comeback in 2023, with additions of clay charms help make unique pieces fit for the aesthetics of people’s shops.

You can add modification to the customers liking, often times you can charge extra bucks for having a customized option in the shop. This can allow your business to stand out against the other competition in the market and help the unique selling point to be spread along the target audience.

2) Freelance Writing
Stuck at home and want to earn good money? By freelancing, you can earn a hefty amount just by expressing your creative thoughts by writing! The only requirement you have is to speak English, you don’t need to be a native speaker at all.

Freelancing is an easy way to earn bucks by connecting with clients and discussing the exact type of work they want. You can incorporate your ideas into what they require and make unique pieces of essays that can help you earn a large amount of cash easily.

There are proper helpful guides and classes available online to get you started. It’s better to look into this field as soon as you can while the market is still fragmented meaning there is less competition you’ll have to face in order to achieve the right experience!

3) Amazon Kindle Publishing
If you’re looking for passive income, publishing a kindle book is a great way for you to earn and keep track of what you earn by the simple use of Amazon kindle. The way it works is, you write a book or hire a ghostwriter to write one for you and upload it to Amazon for the team to review. Once accepted, every sale you make, Amazon will keep a small share and give the rest of the cash to you.

Doesn’t that sound stress free? It’s perfect if you want to earn money even with your time off!


Most small business work online in order to keep their investing low while getting greater output, it may not be the same for everyone, some might have their breakeven in later stages of their business lifetime or earlier as well, it all depends on luck and how you’re implementing your business strategies.

That being said, there’s no harm in starting a small business, it is advisable for you to look into it and invest your time into getting to know all the requirements. Hope this article helps inspire you to create your own small business ideas!