Discussing Social Entrepreneurship in 2021

Michael Finnigan
Jul 29, 2021

Did you ever wonder who is responsible for catering to the needs of the underprivileged in our modern society?

We do have many communities and organizations that work for the welfare of people around the world. Similarly, social entrepreneurs work to derive community-based solutions for the most common problems.

These individuals take the risk and make efforts to generate positive impacts through their business activities. They solely rely on finding the purpose of their business in light of the community-based demands and needs. Hence, they are the ones who dedicate their professional and personal lives to the betterment of society in order to make a difference.

Why are Social Entrepreneurs Important?

Social entrepreneurs spend their time addressing all the known and unknown problems of their and other communities. Despite the wide concern, the main aim of social entrepreneurs is far from making profits to benefit their individual self. Instead, they focus on the social stigmas of different communities they may also be a part of.

By addressing problems related to financial instability, environmental issues, illiteracy, etc., they work their way to providing solutions for all problems. However, it is imperative that social entrepreneurs are financially savvy if they tend to bring change to society. Still, it is possible to help society through business depending on a social entrepreneur’s perspective.

Social entrepreneurs involve themselves with SRI (socially responsible investing. It is a practice of investing in businesses that generate profits and work to help in the betterment of the population and society.

For example, you will not see a social entrepreneur involving themselves with a business that deals in chemically addictive products and substances such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, etc. A modern example of social entrepreneurship could include investing in alternate/green/clean energy generation.

Modern Examples of Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is the new face making our environment, financial conditions, and personal lifestyle better. Among all the things that reflect the betterment of our society, social entrepreneurship plays a major role. For instance, there are some businesses that help communities get access to fresh, clean, and safe water supplies in the most convenient and faster ways.

Moreover, social entrepreneurship might also entail providing freshwater supplies to regions that lack substantial basic life utilities. This could include providing food, rations, constructing water wells, installing water pipelines, etc.

While modern technology has enabled a fast-paced world around us, there are still regions that lack connectivity and visibility. Social entrepreneurship may help provide technological assets, internet, education, schools, and other amenities that are not usually available in remote communities and regions.


Social entrepreneurship isn’t generating profits through corporate operations but rather making more and more resources available to communities, societies, and regions. For the greater good, social entrepreneurs tend to set aside their dreams of maximizing profits and pursue philanthropic activities.