Does User Testing Help with Increasing Websites Traffic?

Michael Finnigan
Oct 11, 2021

User testing refers to when actual users of a business and company use their upcoming products or services to give a better idea of how they perceive them. In simpler words, user testing involves certain users performing a set of activities with a product or service and then giving their opinion about it to the business.

The product can be anything from a physical product to a newly developed mobile application or a website. The user will test the functions, interface, quality, and level of satisfaction in your product, service, app, or website. However, in this post, we will focus on your website traffic. When you look at your website, you might notice certain areas of improvement. These areas of improvement can get much better with the users’ opinions. Here’s how.

User Testing to Improve Website Traffic

Certain factors that deteriorate the website traffic include poor navigation, uneven call-to-action signs, difficult checkout processes, and more.

User testing will include participants who are potential users of your website. They can identify the key areas of your site that require improvement since they will be the ones benefitting from it.

Content Relevancy

Does the content on your website reflect what your business is about? If not, in this case, the usability can decline at a substantial rate and keep users from coming back. User testing will allow potential users to outline these concerns clearly by stating that they find the content to be vague, distorted, less readable, etc. When the active participants in the test state that your content gives less idea about what your business is about, you can quickly address the issues and work for improvement. This is important since having relevant content on your website helps attract potential customers and promotes website traffic.

Navigational Features

When user testing participants find it hard to navigate through certain pages, you will be there to monitor the process. You will see the navigational difficulties from the perspective of users and hence recalculate how you optimize your website.

Readability and Comprehensiveness

The readability and comprehensiveness with which you showcase your products and services online will also affect your website’s traffic. For example, user testing may reveal that your website lacks a proper catalog, and customers can’t search for specific products and services on your website. Hence, you can optimize your catalogs and product listings to better respond to the searches your users make once they are on your website to increase web traffic.


User testing has enabled to improve product development that takes the customers’ perspective into account. It is time-consuming and practically impossible to ask all customers about their opinion over a product. Still, it gets easy when you select a few right individuals who are your potential customers. By increasing website traffic, you can increase your sales and business revenue to expand your business at some point.

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