How To Use Intranet To Improve An Entity’s Operational Efficiency

Michael Finnigan
Oct 08, 2020

Technology has transformed how we conduct business within and beyond a company. It is important to have the capability to establish a customized network for processes within an organization. It is possible to make internal collaboration and communication as good as possible, thereby causing profitability to occur. It is potentially useful to have an intranet, meaning a local communications network. With the appropriate network, you can make flows of work seamless. On the other hand, the wrong network is likely to make staff spend time doing unproductive things.

Intranet has come a long way since its early days, from being used to post internal company announcements on digital notice boards in the early 1990s to being deployed for Wikipedia webpage management. Below are some of the ways in which utilizing an intranet can aid your company in running more efficiently.

It Can Make Internal Communication Unparalleled

Communication is important, particularly as remotely-based employees are finishing tasks from different parts of the world. There are several micro tools that are made to make certain forms of tasks more efficient. For example, you can utilize a Google Chrome plugin such as Vidyard to learn the way of recording a device screen and sending it to a colleague. When you wish to schedule electronic mails to be delivered at a future time, a tool such as Boomerang will help you to achieve it.

Anyhow, every project management system is likely to be complex with regard to internal communication. An entity will not want to face a situation where an internal discussion regarding a tricky client is placed in the inappropriate section, which informs that client later. It is essential to keep every department working well together, particularly on projects involving many different workers. It is possible to share even small materials such as articles to streamline a process or pieces of advice to aid in improving productivity.

Your company top brass will be able to communicate and offer updates regarding personal productivity or at what stage the project is. They can also establish objectives internally, which can enable a worker to notice their progress live.

It Can Make Finding Documents Easier

Several professionals find it difficult to discover documents that are likely to date back to months or even years. The intranet can double up as the storage place for these documents. Numerous organizations move their documents to cloud storage platforms, which can simplify searching for the file name of a particular document. The capability of sending over an agreement instantly when its template can be accessed offers the ultimate convenience. There should also be the process to find some documents in a cloud-based company handbook.

It Can Reduce The Number Of Unwanted Emails Or Meetings

Unfortunately, there is an excessive number of meaningless conferences that could just be covered through quick electronic mails. The intranet may be the ideal tool for your company to announce something while tagging just those individuals that it concerns. Organizations spend much time (wasting) on internal conferences. Going over manufacturing figures is an epitome of a situation that even filling out just a digital form with the entity’s computer could handle.

Notes could be left should a worker have other duties that cause their production figures to dip, or is out sick. It is potentially difficult to find emails delivered in a year; inputting details under a particular client or project will simplify this process. Here are some things that can help to determine whether a conference is required.

  • Whether it is possible to cover it with a brief email, which can be referenced fast
  • Whether the whole staff have to take part in the conference
  • Whether the conference addresses a pressing concern
  • Whether it will use the time in a hectic week in the best possible way

It Can Help In Onboarding New Workers

Startups and other small entities are likely to have an onboarding or training procedure, which is not properly arranged. The intranet is potentially the best place to perform this because it will consolidate the process of onboarding staff. Having the ability to make a new worker undergo training instead of searching for every single new section one at a time, will save a lot of time.

Training could be collaborative if individuals can contribute some pieces of advice for a job that they would like to have been informed about. It is possible to find new employee documentation easily, and you can establish tasks for onboarding which each recruit should finish.

It Can Increase Engagement Levels Among Workers

Numerous people tend to be uninterested in their employer. They would rather go unnoticed and get their salary check every single month. Having the ability to acknowledge top performers can aid in motivating other workers. It is likely to mean a lot to somebody who puts in more effort or who has considerably become better at what they do. Having the capacity to notice how other people perform in a particular department is also likely to result in competitiveness among some departments.

It is important to consolidate the arrangement process of an entity. Doing so will enable discovering documents easily, streamlining communication, and achieving project deadlines. Make the effort to look at your entity’s existing internal structure when there are certain glaring business aspects that you should improve. You have to consider productivity to efficiently operate an entity. It is better to work smart than to strive, so be sure to do both at the same time.