Steps to Map your Customer Journey Effectively

Michael Finnigan
Sep 12, 2019

There are several unexpected events that may disrupt the smooth journey of a customer, including distractions and unplanned discoveries. This journey is worth mapping, because it would give you a clear picture of the process of business and help you build a better relationship with your customers in the future. Below are some of the essential steps to take when mapping the customer journey.

Focus On a Buyer Persona

One of the first things you need to be clear about is the buyer persona. There are several personas among customers observed in society, and you should put your focus on one of these.

Learn More about Your Persona’s Needs

The next essential step is to analyze the needs of the persona you have chosen to focus on. You need to ask certain questions, such as what they intend to achieve through their visit on your website. Assess this, and it’ll make it easier to map their journey.

Ascertain Touchpoints

Any touchpoint is an interaction your customers have with your business. While mapping, you have to consider every touch point. This is best accomplished using Google search, and then confirmed using Google Analytics. Always make sure to cover the following points.

  • Actions: Find out all of the activities your customers participate in during their interaction with your brand. This includes everything from searches to simple clicks.
  • Emotions: Analyze and think about the various emotions that your customer would go through while visiting your website or business.
  • Difficulties: Understand your customer’s obstacles or otherwise smooth journey through the platform you have created for interaction.

Experience the Customer Journey Yourself

Make sure you go through the actual customer experience yourself. This will give you a better understanding of the whole experience and process. Besides, it’ll also allow you to make essential changes where it’s needed based on your own experience.

Envision the Information

Always stay open to implementing new ideas on your interface so that you can enhance your customer’s experience. If you have new hypotheses regarding new touchpoints, make sure to test them. Afterwards, you can reassess, enhance, and make changes as necessary. Overall, viewing things through a customer’s perspective should garner a great positive effect on creating favorable customer experiences.