Tips to Foster Smart Decision Making Skills

Michael Finnigan
Dec 19, 2019

Do you run a business? Then, you’ll have to make some smart decisions to manage your enterprise. Needless to mention, this requires a real sharp mind and sound judgment. Note that smart judging ability is extremely important if you are the owner of a small scale business since your company is about to grow based on your decision-making skills along with your gut instincts. This task will not be as easy as it sounds. If you’re wondering about the secret to smart decision making and meeting your business goals, check out these brilliant points below.

Take your time

The first rule to smart decision making is ‘never rush’. Rather, take your time and think rationally before reaching any conclusion. When you make choice hastily, it will be more like making some costly mistakes that can even ruin your business. To tackle this, always consider the advantages and disadvantages of every scenario.

The best way to do any task is to write it down on a piece of paper or a gadget. This will allow your brain to get a hold of the realities and prevent you from doing something that you will regret later. Some entrepreneurs may skip this analysis blaming their lack of time. However, note that poor time management skills are one of the main challenges that most small business owners face which is likely to cost their business. Therefore, always think well about your decision before you pass any judgment.

Seek advice

Running a business is not easy and hence it is absolutely fine to seek advice or suggestions from others, especially the veterans in the field. At times, you are likely to make some challenging decisions. Note that having a trustworthy colleague or friend in the field to turn to will be a great relief since they can help you make the right choice.

Alternatively, you can find solutions to your business issues online. Here, you are likely to face the learning challenge, though. For example, if you are researching online on how to make money on Amazon, the results provided might likely offer step-by-step instructions to follow, tricks and trades you will have to master, the advantages and disadvantages in running the business, etc.

Adopt active listening skills

One of the efficient ways to make the best decision for your company is to know the maximum facts associated with it. For this, you must be an active listener. Of course, the task will never be easy, especially when your plate is full. However, just sign out of your email, put your phone in silent mode and listen to what the experts, your team members, and customers are saying for a while. This will give you a clear picture of your current choices and the impact of each one on your business.

Let your brain lead you

Some people make decisions when they’re emotional. Note that if you are looking to expand or grow a small business, the golden rule is to always follow your brain rather than your heart. However, this will not be an easy job since decision making is usually driven by emotions.

For instance, consider you have a staff who has been with you for years but is not that productive or can’t meet your expectations. You have to decide whether or not to keep that person. If you think emotionally, you may feel obliged to him/her. Nevertheless, always remember that this obligation may sometimes hinder the growth of your enterprise.

Check out your business plans

When you decided to start your venture, you would have outlined a business plan that includes your visions and core values. When you find it hard to make a decision or are confused about something, just check out this plan and analyze whether your judgment or decision complements your vision.

Oversee prospective outcomes

After making several business decisions that turned out to be the best decisions you’ve made, the task will become easier for you. You’ll know whether or not to follow your gut instincts and whom to look up to at the time of a crisis.

As you make every decision, keep notes of the entire process such as whether your instincts were right, who helped you with the right suggestions, and all other pertinent details. This way you’ll always know what was in your best interest when you were in trouble which can ultimately help you make the right choice when you encounter similar situations in the future. In short, the ability to evaluate the risks involved using the right tools is the key to nurture smart business decision making skills.

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