The Future of 5G and How to Prepare for It as a Consumer

Michael Finnigan
Jun 06, 2022

5G is the fifth generation of wireless cellular networks available worldwide. Succeeding 3G and 4G, 5G brings a lot of perks as wireless cellular technology. Every generation of wireless cellular networks introduced better connectivity. However, 3G and 4G mainly focused on improving mobile data coverage, consumption, and response rate/time.

As cellular networking technology expands, 5G aims to improve connectivity. However, the only difference is that it improves way more than just wireless connectivity. It has the potential to expand the use of mobile broadband. So, it's safe that the 5G is here to replace 4G entirely!

The Outlook of 5G Technology
Here are a few things that technology developers are considering and working on:

· Better Security Foundations Needed in 5G
5G technology comes with a lot of security risks currently. So, the 5G network providers will have to focus on developing better software protection. They can collaborate with the top cybersecurity firms and brands in the industry. It's possible to mitigate the specific risks of 5G technology through network monitoring, sophisticated encryption, and similar solutions. 

· Manufacturers Require Incentive to Collaborate with 5G Security
Only a handful of manufacturers and network providers are willing to collaborate with the top-tier cybersecurity firms to develop solutions for 5G risks. Most manufacturers of baby monitors, smartwatches, and similar products haven’t invested in the same process.

Such businesses may be experiencing bottom-line losses as their products are generally low-end. So, providing incentives to such manufacturers can instigate collaboration with cybersecurity and boost consumer protection.

· Consumer Education on IoT Cybersecurity Must Rise
Today, consumers haven’t gained the necessary knowledge about 5G integration and IoT security issues. A consumer must know the safety standard of their IoT device and 5G connection. That’s possible when the manufacturers start labeling smart tech. The 5G technology is still a long way from becoming widely available. Hence, consumers still have a favorable window to get ahead of the introduction and learn everything there is about 5G and its integration with IoT.

4 Useful Tips to Prepare for 5G Technology
As a consumer, spend some time learning about the 5G technology. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the technology. Also, try to research the possible applications of 5G by comparing it with other wireless cellular network technologies. You can also take the following steps to prepare for the 5G introduction:

1. Install and use a safe VPN on your 5G devices to prevent unauthorized access to your data

2. Practice sophisticated passwords and codes for higher security on your 5G devices

3. Pick the best anti-virus solution for your device and install it promptly to get safe against internet threats/malware/infectious files (viruses)

4. Update all devices (smartphones, smartwatches, and IoT devices) and their software applications regularly to work with the latest security patches

5G will escort modern businesses and individuals into a new realm of innovation and opportunities. With the security concerns and worldwide-accessibility issues aside, 5G looks promising for various purposes. Application of 5G in healthcare, financing, military, and retail could be extremely lucrative.