4 Ways to Implement Augmented Reality for your Marketing Strategies

Michael Finnigan
Apr 26, 2021

In today’s fiercely competitive markets, possessing a unique set of products is not sufficient for your business to become successful. With innovation at the forefront, marketing strategies play a significant role in generating leads (sales) and success for your business. So, what’s new in the store to really ‘augment’ your marketing success?

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

It is the use of digital media to provide an interactive experience and enhance the real-life environment through computer-generated visual elements, sounds, details, etc. Using augmented reality software, you can see a T-Rex just moving around a park through your phone screen.

However, there’s a lot more Augmented Reality (AR) can provide for the business world. For one, it can be a great marketing tool to increase sales and leads for your business. Here are 4 ways to implement AR for your marketing strategy.

How to Implement Augmented Reality for Your Marketing Strategy?

1. AR for Business2Business

Imagine a salesforce presenting a business idea or a product model to a potential client (another business) in order to generate sales and leads. With the influx of technology, it is important to use advanced methods. Hence, a salesforce equipped with digital media will win against the one with brochures or a PowerPoint pitch.

This is the way to a dynamic sales pitch in which your marketing and sales team are able to describe a product line in the most realistic manner. They can do this with a 360-degree virtual image and placement of the good.

2. Customers Shall Try Before Buying

Remember the make-up corners at the popular malls? AR appears quite inexpensive against those, to say the least. With AR apps, the marketing strategy to allow “try before you buy” is on the next level. For example, using an AR app, your potential customer can see how a pair of shoes will look on them even without any physical interaction.

So forget those brick-and-mortar shop timings. The geographic boundaries in letting your customers try out their favorite products are fading with Augmented Reality.

3. Get People Talking About Your Brand

Augmented Reality software are not only for sales generation. In fact, it can be a relatively fun aspect to explore the potential uses and benefits of AR. You can commit to indirect marketing with AR apps and work towards the betterment and awareness of your brand.

Engage with your existing and potential customers in fun, creative, and new ways using Augmented Reality. Let your customers know that your brand favors their needs. People will talk about your product/service, and word-of-mouth advertising will prove beneficial in the long run.

4. Product Manuals and Guides

Forget the boring manuals and product guides. It is time to implement Augmented Reality for your marketing strategy to improve customer satisfaction. Utilize experts and resources to create amazement in your customer’s journey.

For example, an AR app generated to point out the hard-to-read-and-illustrate parts of a car can help new drivers. Thick manuals will no longer come in handy when your customers are able to experience granular inspections of every single car component. And this goes for a variety of products.


Take a look around you; how many businesses are making use of augmented reality to market and advertise their brands? Technology is always evolving – you have to adapt to the changes to keep up with the top businesses and corporations in your industry.