5 Ways to Improve Productivity in Workplace

Michael Finnigan
Feb 07, 2022

Are you struggling with low productivity and tiring working hours every day? Are you looking for the right methods and techniques to improve your working energy and boost your confidence? Do you think that you can be a better employee at your business with higher productivity? In this post, you will learn about the 5 major techniques employed by the best workers in different businesses to improve productivity.

It might seem difficult to start working on yourself and your working attitudes. However, some tips are so easy to accommodate and instill in your character that they provide results within a short time. So, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the 5 interesting ways to improve productivity in the workplace. Some of these are quite simple, so it’s likely that you may have already heard about them.

1. Chase Small Goals
Don’t set goals that are too unrealistic or those you know will take a high amount of time before being practical. You can start working on your character, personality, and skills step by step to achieve smaller goals. Keep in mind that nothing happens with a snap of a finger.

2. Pay Attention to Bigger Tasks
Employees often assume that tending to smaller tasks first will relieve them of some burden and let them be comfortable with a big task alone at the end of the day. Nevertheless, this is a failing tactic and one that drains you of your energy and efficient productivity. Pay attention to the tasks requiring the most time and effort first before opting for smaller jobs.

3. Don’t Multi-Task Unnecessarily
It can be tempting to lend your hand to multiple tasks at once. But, experts suggest that not sticking with one main task can drain away concentration and focus. This could result in unproductive behavior and inefficient performance on average. If you take a look around you, you will notice that most unproductive employees and workers have the same issue. So, stick with the most important tasks first and prioritize them in an order that’s suitable.

4. Gather Reliable Feedback and Monitor Performance
It’s best if you keep track of your performance. You don’t have to get all complicated with it by buying up advanced health trackers, performance monitors, etc. You can start with the basic metrics like “total time taken for the completion of a task,” “average per hour efficiency,” and other similar metrics to keep gathering valuable insight on your overall performance.

5. Motivate Your Team and Colleagues
Sometimes, seeing your co-workers work harder and succeed in achieving their dreams can provide a great adrenalin rush. In other words, when you see your co-workers being motivated, you may experience the “ripple” effect. Explained simply, it means that the motivation of successful and hard-working people is often contagious and may catch on to you, resulting in higher productivity for you.


Are you ready to make changes to your working attitude and routine in your workplace? Well, nothing can stop you from improving your work ethic and skills. The road between you and your achievements is fueled by motivation and willingness. So, make sure you have both of them filled in your mind and body to get more productive in your workplace. Plus, if you’re in an ethical and appreciating environment, you will receive appreciation for your efforts from seniors.