Don’t Make These Employee Termination Mistakes!

Michael Finnigan
Apr 18, 2022

Terminating their employees can be quite a tough job. Employers often try to sugar-coat the termination process, but they make many mistakes. In some cases, bosses are either harsh with the employee or too soft. Therefore, employers must learn to identify avoidable errors while terminating.

Common Employee Termination Mistakes
The major challenge or fear that employers often encounter is the possibility of a lawsuit. However, you don’t have to worry about terminating your employees anymore. Here are some mistakes you should avoid while terminating your employees:

1. Not Sharing the Reason for Termination
When you terminate your employee, you have to share a valid reason with them. You cannot fire your employee without saying anything. Many religious, racial, and gender groups protect employees in various conditions. Termination without a reason can result in a lawsuit. If you want to avoid legal issues, you should share the termination reasons with the employees. What’s more, the reason should be valid and based on facts and proof.

2. Ignoring Human Resource Policies
While hiring an employee your company handed over a handbook to the employee. This handbook includes details about the rights and responsibilities that an employer and employee have to follow. Every legal company has to include the termination process in the handbook. So, when an employee wants to quit the job, they can do it the right way.

The termination procedure is not valid only for the employees. But, the employer has to follow the same rules. Ignoring the rules and policies documented by the human resource should be followed. In case you fail to follow the rules, the employee can take legal action against your company.

3. Failing to Give Termination Period
While terminating, the employer should give valid notice to their employees. During this termination period, the employees have the right to look for another job. Furthermore, you have to hand over a valid termination letter with all the details about the termination. If you fail to communicate the period and share the letter, you might have to face a lawsuit.

4. Communicate with the Team
Employers should seek assistance from the team managers before sharing the termination letter with the employee. They should understand the risks of terminating the employee.

5. Talk with the Employee
Before terminating, you should talk with the employee as well. You should discuss the reason for termination with the employee face to face to resolve any hard feelings.

Keep in mind that terminating an employee based on discriminatory reasons can cause legal issues for your company. Besides, there are many other mistakes to avoid for smoother termination. The above-mentioned mistakes can cause mishaps and legal issues for your company. If you want to stay safe after the termination, you can follow the right procedure. You can avoid mishaps and issues by proper planning and discussion with the team.

Also, you have to ensure whether the employee is profitable to the company or not. If their worth is more to the company than the reason for termination, then you shouldn’t terminate them. If you do, your company will bear the consequences.