Does IoT Improve Productivity of a Business?

Michael Finnigan
Sep 23, 2021

Smart devices and reliable network connections have always been the building blocks of higher productivity and efficiency in workplaces. These devices made their entrance into the commercial business world a long time ago and still don’t cease to amaze users. For that reason, we will be discussing modern IoT systems and how they can help improve business productivity. The best way to explain IoT for business is in the form of the benefits that it brings. By reading further, you will learn the ways in which IoT improves the productivity of businesses.

Office Efficiency

Efficiency is the first thing that comes into effect after the implementation of IoT across various processes in a business. A business sees many repetitive and mundane tasks throughout its course of operations and management. IoT smart devices handle these repetitive and monotonous tasks to free up the time and space for workers to focus on more important jobs and details of the business. In other words, IoT offers automation to control, modify, and monitor different operations.

Artificial Intelligence and IoT

Moreover, experts believe the certain AI-infused IoT devices can increase productivity a step further. For instance, there could be a rise in the use of AI smart speaker assistances in a few years, according to experts. This intelligent software learn from the habits, use patterns, and performance of users and can integrate with the IoT devices. Their main goal is to streamline workers’ various tasks to allow for greater productivity.

Energy Efficiency – Low Energy Costs

Since every business aims to minimize its overall costs, it is worth mentioning that energy bills and the use of heating and cooling appliances are major factors behind these costs. With the use of smart IoT devices that assess the environment through software, sensors, and other processing abilities, your business can reduce overall energy costs. This is possible through the use of IoT-integrated smart heating and cooling appliances.

Logistics and Effective Tracking

Again, IoT is a name for sensors and other similar devices that remain connected to the internet so long as there is a connection. They transfer data to a central system where it processes the data to produce results that are invaluable collectively. For logistics, the use of IoT sensors and other devices allows accurate tracking across the globe. With the global reach of IoT now, it is possible for businesses to remain productive through effective scheduling through accurate tracking and other IoT applications.


Businesses are benefitting from the latest technologies to increase their scale of operations, efficiency, global customer reach, and impact on the welfare of their customers. While IoT is still far from being an absolute choice of all businesses, its various applications across different operations make it a viable choice to improve productivity. Professionals suggest that businesses will realize greater benefits like never before once 5G integrates with IoT in the coming years.