How to Create the Best Corporate Culture

Michael Finnigan
Mar 26, 2020

It is well understood that corporate culture is an inseparable part of today’s business. An average employee spends around 35% of their total waking hours at the office which means that the workplace culture easily affects them gradually permeating across all the parts of the organization. Therefore, it is important to realize the benefits of corporate culture and how to build on it.

Just like any other aspect of your business, creating a good company culture also requires a balanced approach. Although most people believe that corporate culture and company values flow from the top management to the bottom-level employees, it is often seen that the actual nature of company culture is shaped depending upon how it is managed by the mid-level staff in the organization. Below are five essential points to note so that you can instill the best corporate culture in your company.

Individuals Drive the Culture of a Company or a Subsidiary

Most people are familiar with a brand and the way things work with them before they may have started at your company. Generally, the way they operated until then would have formulated a modus operandi to manage their personal life and work, and most of them will not be able to change that. Therefore, you need to hire employees who can adapt to the changing trends and believe in a more demonstrated behavior.

Corporate Culture is Not Exclusive to the Head Office

Many teams on the international level are not interested in or even turn away from adopting the head office culture as seen in the US. This can lead to a hostile work environment in your company as your employees may not want to collaborate with each other. That is why you should work to figure out which type of culture works the best for each of your subsidiaries and adopt that in the unit no matter how different and distinct it is from your core corporate culture.

Maintaining Company Culture Can Be Simple When you are Successful

Everyone will find it very easy to adapt to the corporate culture when things are going well. However, when things start going south, most businesses lose their cultural values and forget what was keeping the team together until then. The lack of transparency and clarity due to the workload or stress leads to the creation of a company culture that lives for the short-term only. Therefore, you need to keep your focus right and maintain a healthy corporate culture no matter what comes your way.

Do Not Celebrate Achievements for the Sake of Celebrating

Every employee would like to be appreciated for their achievements. However, some do that just to make their employees happy and for no apparent reason. This can affect the culture in the company negatively and employees will soon start to resent the fake appreciation. That is why you should assess the performance of your employees fairly and celebrate their achievements that actually matter to your business. You should appreciate how they overcame the challenges for the overall benefit of the company.

Find and Fix Issues That Harm Workplace Culture

If your company is following a traditional approach to managing things and it is a poorly engineered process, then you cannot create an agile or customer-first culture in your organization. Your employees will not want to do meaningless things repeatedly as that will be making their lives miserable. The situation gets even worse if they see no efforts from the company’s side to resolve the problems. Therefore, you should try to make lives easier for your staff as well as your customers to incorporate the best company culture.

Remember that building a great team and the best company culture will not happen overnight. It requires time and effort from your side to empower your employees for cultivating a healthy and enjoyable workplace culture. When you create a positive corporate culture in your establishment, it will help your employees find real value in their work and it’ll motivate them to contribute towards the success of your business.