Ways To Inspire The Sales Team To Achieve Their Objectives This Year

Michael Finnigan
Jun 25, 2020

Exhaustion due to prolonged stress in sales is an actual phenomenon. As per LinkedIn’s data, there is about 34% annual turnover in this field. That said, exhaustion is beyond a retention issue. The task of selling is taxing, it involves much pressure, and even high performers face many problems in it. Therefore, slowly developing sales is not a sign that your business has incapable employees. Instead, it is a sign that there is possibly no fine incentive system in place for those high-performing sales representatives.

The main sales incentive is in the form of money, and it will possibly remain so. Then again, it alone will not inspire salespeople to strive to achieve their goals. This would be the case, especially, in the event, they think that their leaders are not recognizing their considerable effort in sales. Leaders have to treat salespeople with importance for the things they do instead of merely compensating them.

There is no better way to tackle the exhaustion of salespeople and motivate them to achieve fresh objectives than making appreciation a part of your company culture. Giving gifts is a potentially influential element of its culture. The only thing is that presents should be worthwhile for them. Here, we will explain why giving gifts is an excellent motivating factor for salespeople, and will give you suggestions on implementing an incentive program based on presents.

Encourage An Appreciation Culture By Means Of Gifting

The work of an excessive number of salespeople often goes unrecognized. As per a study by the Harvard Business Review, 82% of US employees do not think that those who supervise them appreciate them sufficiently for the part they play in making something happen. This is negatively affecting their performance: a further 40% said that they would use more energy when working, in the event they were appreciated more frequently.

When you acknowledge the efforts of workers and reward them, they will have an extra drive to achieve bigger things. Recognition culture will serve the dual functions of inspiring people and reinforcing what achievement appears to the workforce at large.

No other form of acknowledgment will strike a chord just as well as a meaningful and timely present. Besides recognizing salespeople’s contributions, it will show that you value them as people, not only as true workhorses who close big deals.

There are other influential non-monetary ways to encourage salespeople such as through healthy competition, verbal recognition, and displaying the names of high-performers on a big board. These are three ways for leaders to acknowledge the achievements of salespeople and make them energetic enough to remain determined and engaged. That said, presents encourage them on a different level.

Take for instance quickly-growing companies that have high revenue. The Incentive Research Foundation discovered that these entities are 30% likelier to notice that their rewards and recognition programs are effectively affecting worker behaviour.

Tips And Ideas On Building A Purposeful Present-Based Incentive Scheme

The complication in a recognition culture based on gifts is that organizational snack cans and swags will not encourage high-performing individuals to accomplish fresh objectives. Instead, it will have to include the presents that convey the company’s gratitude truly and in a manner that its sales personnel will appreciate.

Present Them With An Experience Worth Remembering. Do you know whether your salesperson has been desperately wanting to do something, like, say, dining in a particular restaurant or rock climbing? If yes, give him or her a voucher that allows them to dine there or maybe give them a free pass to a rock climbing gym.

Give A Present With Enduring Value. Choose a present that the person from the sales team may appreciate and utilize repeatedly, like a plant, notebook or calendar.

Choose Something That Can Do Good. Every worker, particularly Millennials, have a strong feeling for society- and environment-related causes, and they wish for their employers to care about these things as well. Give a present that has a potential impact like the following.

  • Granola prepared by women employees who have survived maltreatment.
  • Artisanal beach towels produced by an organization that provides some of its profits to companies involved in marine conservation.
  • Wine stoppers handblown by teenagers who are affected by gun-related violence.

Give Them A Break From Work. The best gift is occasionally time off for people who work hard in order for them to reflect and return to work with a stronger will to do more. Motivate salespeople who are trying tirelessly to close a transaction by allowing them to have a day off.

Cause It To Be Surprising. All great presents have a surprise element. That said, this form of incentive scheme would work only if it is rarely implemented. After all, workers wish to be aware of the reason for the reward to feel encouraged.

Add A Note Of Thanks. You may not effectively acknowledge each person’s contribution through a blasé electronic mail. The most meaningful and personal action is to write a note that expresses your gratitude to the salesperson for his or her contribution.

Gift-Based Acknowledgement Does Not Suit All Circumstances

The finest leaders are aware that every single individual in their sales team deserves to be recognized for the part they played in producing a result. One salesperson may value a particular form of gift that is different from another. Therefore, a leader must be aware of each team member and what motivates him or her.

Personally thank team members for their fine work and encourage them to achieve their 2020 objectives through an organizational culture that acknowledges and rewards it.