Remote Selling In Business – What Is It?

Michael Finnigan
Oct 29, 2020
As more business transactions are shifting to online platforms, a considerable number of businesses have started adopting remote selling strategies to gain more sales and meet the increasing demands of customers. Remote selling also referred to as virtual selling, is a complex buying cycle in which the sellers and buyers engaged in sales conversations are at different physical locations.

What Are The Benefits Of Working From Home Even After The Pandemic?

Michael Finnigan
Oct 26, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has dismantled industrial workplaces and remote work culture is one of the most visible changes among other regulations that came into effect due to the pandemic. Remote work is going to stay around for a while, at least until the pandemic is gone. Have you ever thought of the benefits your business would get by continuing work from home policy beyond the pandemic?

How To Measure Employee Engagement When Working Remotely?

Michael Finnigan
Oct 22, 2020
However, engaging the remote workforce is not an easy task for many employers, especially for the ones that are working with a remote workforce for the first time. The mobility of remote workers proves the legitimacy of these concerns. It is hard to make them all work from the same location. They are scattered and continue to scatter across different parts of the world. Moreover, the modern workforce includes multiple generations and the feature invites communication-related issues because the communication preferences of each generation might vary from the other.

Essential Things For The Success Of An Entrepreneur

Michael Finnigan
Oct 19, 2020
An entrepreneur should be prepared to face all the odds that come their way. They should have all the necessary resources, items, and connections in their arsenal to succeed in their entrepreneurship journey. We recommend including the following.

How To Achieve The-Essential Simpler Network Operations?

Michael Finnigan
Oct 15, 2020
All of this indicates that simplicity in the ways organizations consume services and networking assets has become an even more urgent goal. As organizations are working to maximize the resources in the new environment created by the pandemic, the inefficiencies of networks that are highly complex to build and manage prove too costly for them. Greater simplicity has to be set as the highest priority as of now.

Security Amid Chaos

Michael Finnigan
Oct 12, 2020
Whether you are a new SaaS or a mature organization like Reddit, discoverability of the assets is the key to detecting vulnerabilities that prove costly. However, even the large and well-resourced teams of players find it difficult to achieve visibility. The high frequency of changes in the engineering cycle or DevOps pipeline makes it difficult for engineers and security analysts to spot vulnerabilities.

How To Use Intranet To Improve An Entity’s Operational Efficiency

Michael Finnigan
Oct 08, 2020
Intranet has come a long way since its early days, from being used to post internal company announcements on digital notice boards in the early 1990s to being deployed for Wikipedia webpage management. Below are some of the ways in which utilizing an intranet can aid your company in running more efficiently.

Five Traits That Leaders Must Have In The New Normal

Michael Finnigan
Oct 05, 2020
Which are the traits that leaders must have to be successful during this time? This may be a tough question to answer. Do you have the ambitions to lead your entity in this period? If yes, you would have to possess the following traits in order to manage a team now and become stronger, plus be more reflective and compassionate.

Marketing Strategies To Ensure Maximum Growth For Your Small Business

Michael Finnigan
Sep 07, 2020
It is possibly tricky to attain success for small entities, particularly when these are bouncing back from the coronavirus epidemic-induced setbacks. Anyhow, strong marketing strategies simplify working more effectively. Using the digital marketing strategy more commonly could just yield you better outputs.

How A Business Can Stay Ahead During The COVID-19 Period

Michael Finnigan
Sep 03, 2020
There will be certain long-term financial and business repercussions by the time COVID-19 goes away, not to mention the health effects of the disease. The crisis has caused businesses around the world to be in a tailspin. Therefore, it is perhaps tempting to pay attention to keeping your business afloat, but planning and preparing for the future is important. Below are some steps on how to go about this.