Marketing Strategies To Ensure Maximum Growth For Your Small Business

It is possibly tricky to attain success for small entities, particularly when these are bouncing back from the coronavirus epidemic-induced setbacks. Anyhow, strong marketing strategies simplify working more effectively. Using the digital marketing strategy more commonly could just yield you better outputs.

Still, what if your small entity only caters to a small or localized community? Even in this case, it is important to include digital marketing. Whether you promote a small Houston-based company or a big NY-based entity, you may work with an agency that provides digital marketing services while following your marketing strategies.

Content Marketing

This form of marketing is about making and distributing informative content with practical value for the target audience of a business. A solid strategy of content marketing possibly aids your small-sized entity in driving extra traffic to its website and physical shop.

Unlike paid advertising, content marketing helps to achieve long-term outputs. It enables having the kind of business growth that can be sustained, at the same time as maximizing returns.

Some of the important components of this kind of marketing are as follows.

  • Keywords that are pertinent to your niche and/or segment
  • Excellent content which is helpful for the audience
  • Optimized webpages and blogs which rank in Google’s search engine results pages
  • Topics that increase the click-through rate percentage

Numerous online channels are part of content marketing. Make and publish your business content on social media, your site’s blog section, YouTube, and several other channels. We would recommend making content marketing a central part of your marketing mix.

Social Media Marketing

People believe that if something is not on social networking websites and applications, then it would not even exist. This is mostly true because several people rely on their preferred social networking platforms for news, business updates, and product recommendations. Search engine optimization may be very important, but it is not advisable to depend on it alone for business success. Albeit Google is the source of most of your business customers, they are likely to check you on Yelp or Facebook before deciding on purchasing anything.

Certain small businesses even lack online sites, and they have a presence only on social networking websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. In the event yours is a B2B business, then LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms that you should learn thoroughly.

Confirm that you publish the content which is part of the content marketing approach on social networks on a consistent basis. Make sure that these posts are appealing and that they provide value for the potential customers of your business. If these do not provide it, then you would not have many forms of engagement, such as shares, likes, and comments.

Influencer Marketing

When seeking maximum growth for your business, you must use influencer marketing. There are some ways of measuring business growth through sales, leads, and website traffic. Influencer marketing fulfills all the requirements.

Social media now makes up a bigger chunk of the marketing segment than ever before and it is turning more and more influential for almost every business market. Using free tools and services that every single social media platform provides, is becoming even tougher for almost every entity. These are the reasons why every entity has to utilize influencers.

Shared below are some steps to think about when looking to take your strategy of influencer marketing towards a strong path.

  • Discover social media influencers who belong to your sector
  • Be sure that the rate of engagement of the influencers that you are thinking about working with, is good.
  • Connect with them for paid content promotion through the social networking platform they utilize.
  • When working with them, just allow them to use their creativity instead of telling them what to do authoritatively.
  • Evaluate the outputs of the marketing campaigns, which involve influencers.
  • Repeat the aforementioned steps in order

These are slightly more detailed steps than what they appear on paper. Just make sure of teaming up with the best influencers for achieving your business growth objectives.

Email Marketing

Another essential marketing strategy for small entities is email marketing, but the fact is that not all businesses are utilizing it. Skeptics may say that it is a thing of the past, but this is not true. It is a useful marketing strategy even today, especially for those businesses that look to achieve as much growth as possible.

A recent study discovered that you can anticipate getting $42 in return for each dollar invested in email marketing. While this is much potential for the growth of a small entity, the business should try to streamline email marketing campaigns.

Some of the best practices for email marketing are as follows.

  • Having a simple opt-in email lead capture some amounts of space on the site of your business.
  • Avoiding selling to those who subscribe to your business emails (spams translate to high unsubscribe rates).
  • Giving each email subscriber informative and actionable information.
  • Having a subtle CTA (call-to-action) which makes it more beneficial for them to click the hyperlink to your website.
  • Sending emails to the audience consistently instead of excessive emailing.

Why You Miss Out By Not Having A Digital Marketing Strategy

Owning an online business does not necessarily mean that you will have an ideal digital marketing strategy in place. It does not happen that way all the time. The set of efforts you make to market your products through the internet is technically online marketing but this does not cover it all. Just because you use internet resources to boost your sales does not necessarily mean that you have a digital marketing strategy.

An ideal digital marketing strategy involves careful planning and analysis. If you are going for online marketing without a suitable strategy, you might be missing out on various opportunities to boost your business growth.

Below are some reasons why it’s important to have a strong digital marketing strategy.

Strategy Accentuates Focused Efforts

Regardless of the type of business you have, increasing sales is a common goal for all business owners. But in many cases, you may not be able to focus on your efforts, thereby diverting you from the right path towards the goals. Unless you invest some time in identifying your goals and formulating a plan, it would become quite difficult to achieve your goals. Suppose you have signed up to have your ads displayed randomly on other websites. The idea may not necessarily contribute to your revenue if the ads are not reaching the right audience even though advertising increases your visibility.

Take for instance a business that sells women’s fashion wear. If your ads are mostly put on websites visited mostly by males, it won’t be beneficial for you. There could still be some female viewers visiting these sites and taking notice of your ads but that is only a small percentage.

Do not cast blindly but take adequate care in the selection of ad service so that your ads reach the target audience.

Strategy Promotes Cohesiveness

In many cases, a company would have more than one individual involved in the decision-making process. If an appropriate strategy is in place, it is easy for us to ensure that everyone remains on the same page. Otherwise, you would be exhausted by dealing with individuals who just can’t reach a collective decision merely because each one is working based on their priorities.

A digital marketing strategy succeeds in creating a singular vision regarding the growth of the company. It ensures that online activity progresses based on predefined priorities and not personal preferences. Having a well-defined strategy reduces the chances of duplicated efforts. Consider, for instance, you and your coworker are working on launching a social media marketing campaign. The duplicated efforts, in this case, account for a waste of effort and time. Using the same platform for different purposes leads to the creation of conflicting brand images.

Strategy Promises Better Organization

Organizing and scheduling your efforts becomes quite easy if you have a strategy. Ad campaigns and social media posts can be released in a structured manner by allowing one to build upon the other. With a strategy, it is easier for us to develop a clearer picture of the operation of a digital marketing campaign.

Strategy Helps In Identification Of Shortcomings

In many cases, we fail to identify the shortcomings until and unless we sit down and make a thorough analysis of our strategy. If you have an unguided digital marketing strategy, there are chances for embracing mechanisms that seem comfortable but may fail to offer the best return for the time and effort you invest.

Once you have identified the shortcomings in your strategy, the next thing to do is formulate a plan to address the identified shortcomings. You may either hire a consultant or collaborate with a digital marketing agency.

You have to take the time to relate the points you have found after analyzing your digital marketing strategy with your goals. This is important to improve brand awareness and to increase the revenue from sales.

Why a Digital Marketing Strategy is Indispensable

If you are running an online business and have customers whom you reach out to online, it does not automatically mean that you have established a digital marketing strategy. It may be that you have put in substantial effort to advertise your services or products using internet-based platforms (this qualifies as online marketing), but that does not necessarily mean you have a strategy.

When it comes to strategy, you need to be dealing with analysis, planning, and also metrics. It is not the same as sending out a few tweets. If you happen to be marketing online without first getting a suitable strategy in place, there is a good chance you are missing out on chances to expand your business.

Before adding another post or promoting another link, you should know why it works best if you have a genuine digital marketing strategy to use and rely on.

Boosts Focused Efforts

Most businesses have the general goal to increase sales, but implementing this idea is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. You do not get the opportunity to focus your efforts, and this could lead to time spent moving in the wrong direction.

Instead, if you take the time to identify your goals, it is possible to come up with a plan which makes specific goals easier to achieve. One example is when you sign up to get your advert displayed randomly on other websites to boost visibility. If these ads do not reach the right eyes, you would be wasting your effort and money.

Let’s say your business is focused on selling women’s clothing, in which case you would not benefit much from having your ad end up on sites with predominantly male viewers, such as tech sites and sports-oriented sites. Despite the small chance that female viewers may stop by, the likelihood is that males would see the ad more.

Creates Cohesiveness

If you are not the only one in your company that’s part of decision-making, having a new strategy can help make sure everyone understands the risks and potential benefits of any course of action. The alternative is to have a group of people who each base their work on unique priorities. When everyone is not working together, it naturally means that you will not get the most return for your efforts.

A digital marketing strategy can construct a singular vision concerning the growth of the company, helping ensure that fund management stays proper according to a primary goal, as well as allowing online activity to move forward depending on known priorities and not personal whims.

On top of this, the chance for duplicated effort can be eliminated. For instance, if you believe a marketing campaign on social media is a sure-fire way towards your goal, and your co-worker gets the same idea, the two of you could end up spending time and energy working on the same thing. Another possibility is that the two of you could be using different platforms for the same purpose, and end up creating mixed messages or even conflicting brand images.

Supports Organization

Having a strategy lets you schedule and organize your efforts. You can release a social media post or an ad campaign, for instance, in a supportive way, which is to say each effort could build on top of the last. While you’re able to make a full picture of how the digital marketing campaign is progressing, it would be much easier to ensure everything is the way it has to be in order to achieve optimal results.

Pinpoints Shortcomings

A lot of times it’s hard to realize what you don’t know until a strategy is inspected as a whole. Unguided digital marketing can easily result in people moving into their comfort zones, and this could be bad for your ROI. A strategy could reveal shortcomings which can be managed subsequently, such as working with a marketing agency, for instance.

It can often be hard to figure out the holes your approach has until you make a list of what you know, and relate the information to your goals. Taking the time to do this can make sure your strategy lets you reach your ideal market, improving brand awareness and boosting sales.

By doing all this, you would be left with a strong platform to work from, which is what makes time spent on developing your strategy a good investment.

Reasons to Improve Your Current Content Marketing Strategy

Are you content with your current content marketing practices? Improving daily marketing tactics can easily turn out to be a boundless and cyclical process, and one that takes a good amount of testing to get just right. Content marketing always stands out as a tool to educate and inform customers, but it is vital to ensure the content is optimized. Here are a few tips and tricks to get more engagement with your audience.

Focusing On the Experience

Coming up with informative content is the easy part when it comes to content writing. See if your team can take it further by writing material to craft a complete user experience. Try and figure out how your content can be improved, and also look at improving your website and strategy to ensure users spend more time reading up. The improvement of user experience can begin from several places.

  • Test, as well as optimize, the mobile version of the site
  • Write shorter paragraphs to publish on your mobile site
  • Put in images and subheadings, as well as bulleted lists, so that your content has space
  • Personalize all aspects

Writing Long-Form Content

With your content getting longer, you’ll also see a rise in the time your readers spend on your site. You need to gage their interest the whole way through, and also spark enough interest for them to want to visit your site again. Not all blogs need to be lengthy, but it does pay to write longer pieces every month. Try producing downloadable eBooks or clickable white pages. Also, keep an eye on who is visiting your pages, what led them there, and the number of downloads you have each month.

Reading Out Loud

You need to make sure that your content makes sense to the people visiting your site. While this may seem ridiculous given everything else, it still makes a huge difference if you remember to do it. The writing must be on-brand, and coherent with your theme. Writers can lose their thread of thought while writing. Reading out loud can ensure the message is coming across the way it’s intended to. If the content is not performing in the way it should, then reading it out loud can give you insights into what changes you should make. Everything you write should be easy to understand, and should come across as natural.

Gen Z and the Ways to Reach them

As we have reached 2020, it is time for us to think about the new generation, or the next generation of consumers, the Generation Z. This category of customers includes all those who are born between 1964 and 2014, and as per the market experts, this group of consumers will be flooding the market very soon.

Gen Z is the first generation of consumers who have very close access to technology for the most part of their lives, and to address this generation, the marketers should revamp their approach. If you are looking to tap into this new group of consumers, you need to take into consideration what they care about, the methods they follow to consume information, and the ways to close a deal. The below shared tips will help you reach the generation easily.

Avoid Traditional Marketing

Marketing experts claim that traditional marketing does not work with the generation Z. Your business marketing is going to be more successful if generation Z is able to link to your marketing campaign. This generation demands services and products to have value. If the needs of the group are not met, they will not pay for it. To close a deal with a gen Z user, the sales and marketing team will need to prove the value of their offerings. It’s better to take a storytelling approach with the Gen Z customers. You just need to explain what your offering can do for them combined with an easy and relevant sales pitch.

Use Social Media Platforms Variedly

Social media has always been a useful marketing tool but, each of those platforms work in their own way. Therefore, you need to optimize the platforms to completely utilize its potential. For instance, you might consider Instagram a place to share pictures and other visual branding materials. However, it is also a great place to share clickable ads and short videos. You might have noticed that Instagram stories features many advertisements and it offers opportunities to have that effective and quick clickable content. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are usually meant for the traditional online advertisements, but these platforms can also allow you to have a conversation with the potential buyers and existing customers.

Use Quick and Effective Content

Since generation Z has grown up with easy and quick access to a vast amount of information, the attention span of people will be really small. Therefore, it will be trickier to engage with generation Z. Even though, it would be a really nice opportunity to become much more creative with the modern marketing trends and ideas, you need to create content that is quick and effective, and share this content in the various social media platforms. These platforms are a great way to let your target audience understand what you offer and what your product does.                 

Sell the Experience, Not the Product

As a business owner or a marketing executive, you need to understand that generation Z is not interested in the hard sales pitches. This group is more likely to buy from you, if you are able to sell them on the experience that your business can offer. Whatever service or product you offer, you should be able to make them believe that it’s going to improve their quality of life. Additionally, if you can prove that it’s going to be useful for them, there isn’t much you need to do further to generate a sale.

Common Misconceptions in Marketing Among Small Businesses

Business marketing is an ongoing process which every company should undergo in order to be successful. In this competitive world, effective marketing and continuous funding via business loans has become the norm. Most of the business entrepreneurs think that they know everything about marketing. However, in reality, the marketing concepts are filled with many misconceptions and the sad part is that many entrepreneurs believe those misconceptions to be true. Here’s a list of the most common misconceptions among small business owners.  

Businesses do not Market Existing Customers

Marketing the small business to already existing customers is as important as marketing to the potential customers. For small businesses, customer retention is a key factor that determines the expansion and growth. Retaining your customers and always maintaining a warm and positive relationship with them helps you build a concrete base of loyal customers. Moreover, marketing to already existing customers can be less costly, when compared to marketing to potential customers. As per the studies, it cost almost five times more to lure new customers when compared to keeping existing customers.

You need to understand that your customers do much more than generating revenue, they are actually a part of your brand. Also, understand that the strategies you use for the existing customers should be different from that used for the potential customers.

Businesses Do Not Market Online When They Do Not Sell Online

We are living in a technological world and we are so used to it. We go online searching for information, reviews and many more, and for this reason, it’s important for any business to have an online presence. Any business looking to grow and cope up with competition should invest in online marketing.

In the olden days, people usually filtered through the Yellow Pages or Yelp entries to find out the services and products they’re looking for. However, today, it has become so easy for the users. All they have to do is type or say a few keywords to their phones to get the search results they’re looking for. Making use of effective and efficient digital marketing strategies can help put your business in front of your competitors. For example, in search engine result pages, so that your target audience will be able to find you first while searching for the services or products you offer. SEO or search engine optimization is one of the digital marketing strategies that can help your business rank high in the search results.

Businesses Cut Budgets When Sales Are Low

Often times, business owners cut down their expenses when sales are low. The unfortunate thing is that they also trim the marketing budgets. Marketing is an essential part of any business promotion that can improve business sales significantly. Without proper marketing strategies in place, the business sales can really suffer. Therefore, cutting down the marketing budgets when business is low is a counterproductive strategy. It’s important for business owners to be careful and frugal with their spending, but failing to market their business can be detrimental, as it can speed up the decline of the business.

If you find that the sales of your business are going down, then you need to reevaluate your marketing strategies. Evaluate things like the way you communicate your messages. Find if your messages have too many jargons and if your targeted audience receive your messages properly. Understand that marketing is an integral part of any business, and cutting down the marketing budget is not at all a good idea. Instead, you need to focus on ways to improve your marketing strategies to increase sales.

Video Content is Optional

It seems that the demand for video content is on the rise and business entrepreneurs need to keep up with the increase in demand. As per a study conducted by HubSpot, about 54% of the users wish to see more video content and promotions from their favorite brands. People will be able to understand the details faster via video content rather than written text. Moreover, videos are really engaging and they fit very well on all devices and platforms used by the audience.

However, many business owners think that sharing video content is a costly way of promotion. This isn’t completely true. You can make use of software like Videoblocks or Adobe Spark to make your business promotion videos, or you may hire freelancers to do the job for you. The only thing is to ensure that the message you convey is creative and informative and is directed towards your target audience.

Marketing Strategies Are Not Needed as Ads Are Already in Place

Many entrepreneurs these days use the terms advertising and marketing interchangeably. However, both of these terms are very different from each other. Understand that advertising is only a part of marketing and it is meant to go hand in hand with the various marketing strategies. As per the experts in marketing, advertising can be a really easy way to understand and evaluate how your target audience receives your services or products.

As a business entrepreneur, you should not run ads without any thought, as it can be a complete waste of time and money. You need to combine your ads with various marketing strategies like social media marketing, search engine optimization and so on.

Social Media Marketing Problems You May Encounter

Nowadays, it’s very uncommon to find someone who doesn’t have at least one social media account. Hence, integrating it into your business will be a great choice. In fact, many small and established companies tend to use social media platforms to reach out to the maximum number of customers. Furthermore, you will have to constantly engage with your customers to keep the ship moving. Of course, figuring out the right thing to say every time can be a bit tricky. To tackle this issue and nail your business campaigns, you can use appropriate social media strategies. Note that every social media platform is different and features different frequencies. Still, all these platforms have one thing in common; regularity.

Anyhow, when you decide to integrate social media into your business, make sure that you are clear in your purpose. Then, decide on the factors that you are likely to consider when it comes to determining your overall success. This will give you a clear idea about the content or stuff that will be ideal to post on the social media pages. However, amateurs and even veteran businessmen are likely to encounter some issues when relying on social media marketing. Some of those issues and their solutions are listed below.

Changes in Facebook algorithms

Facebook use to modify or change its algorithm at times to offer a better experience to their users. However, these frequent algorithm changes can create some issues for certain brands. For instance, when Facebook changed its algorithm in 2018, many companies experienced a dip in their organic search. This was because the content posted by many companies was not reaching most of their potential clients.  This puts a number of brands in a dilemma when it comes to connecting with their Facebook clients organically.


If you are also facing such an issue and your company’s organic reach has fallen, do not panic. Rather, try out different strategies to improve the organic performance of your company. Here are a few useful strategies you can include.

Conversion – generating content

Facebook once stated that the type of content that a company or brand produces and the way users reciprocate to it is the key to determine the reach of their reach. Hence, you must always focus on crafting quality content that your customers can easily connect with or can create conversion. This will keep them engaged.

Note that shareable content can play a great role in boosting your engagement. Hence, with such content, you will be on the social feed of most Facebook users within no time. However, keep in mind that this is not an overnight process and it will take adequate time and consistency to achieve the best results.

Facebook ads and live stream videos

Another way to enhance your engagement is by featuring live stream videos. Many studies report that an average live stream video can boost engagement up to 6 times. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best ways to make your brand a topic of discussion amongst your Facebook followers. When it comes to Facebook ads, this is the best way to target the right clients to achieve your business goals. The dynamic ads will surely help to promote your brand site.

Changing market trends

Another issuer social media marketers tend to encounter is the difficulty in keeping up with the frequently changing market trends. Note that Livestream videos, AI marketing, influencer marketing, ephemeral content, and augmented reality are some of the latest marketing trends that you must have a good grip with for the time being. However, make sure to choose the right options since not every method will yield the same results for all brands.


To tackle this issue, you must first understand your clients or audiences. This will help you with choosing the right social media strategy for your brand. Otherwise, try multiple methods and figure out what works best for you and your customers. For instance, if most of your potential customers tend to check out their Instagram pages regularly, go for Instagram stories rather than posting live stream videos on Facebook. Note that studies report that more than 300 million people all over the world tend to check out Instagram stories.

In case you are facing a lack of resources, you can tackle it by considering the influencer marketing strategy. This is cheaper when compared to the advertising strategy. Plus, it can save a good share of your time and resources in the long run. In short, the key is to concentrate on your ROI (Return of Investment) and ways to deliver conversions.

What You Should Know About Starting a Membership Business Online

It seems like a good idea to operate a membership-based business online. Picture yourself seeing outstanding amounts flowing into your business while you take pleasure in the fact that revenue is expected to continue in the future. However, setting up shop, achieving business success, and staying at this level of satisfaction is tricky.

Test Your Business Idea

The first thing you should do is test the membership website idea. Have you gained supporters, members and/or a committed audience? You perhaps work for a networking group, a non-profit organization, club, chamber of commerce or association. If this is the situation, you have gained members and could just afford not to perform the test. Otherwise, you may be a creative person with interesting work or thoughts to share. Else, you are likely a domain expert or career coach looking to earn income with minimal effort through this kind of business.

How to Test It

  • Create and market a blog through social networking websites and groups as well as a mailing list. You have to let individuals sign up for updates in order to find out the interest level among the audience.
  • Make your own list servers, groups and so forth on social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Consider creating a group where individuals can share anything concerning the specific problems they go through. In the event you can gain a decent following for this online group, you can sell your idea to interested parties in the future.
  • Make profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and/or Twitter. Create profiles on any of these social media channels, on which you feel that people may spend time, and start to share their insights there without charging money. At first, you could just market your wisdom to those who follow you on that group. When your followers continue to share whatever you post there, this is a sign that your content is valuable.

Create Value

When it comes to a conventional business, you may consider a single sale to each customer and then expect more businesses to come through word of mouth. In the case of a membership business, you would continue to give information, products or service to customers. The good thing with a membership-based business is that revenue will keep coming into it. You would still have to keep creating, supporting and giving value to customers for a number of years.

For writers who expect to market their skills, this activity may be to create content that will be delivered to the audience via their blog, newsletters and social networking platforms for some years. If you start to doubt whether you could come up with fresh content for a long period, you might want to think about creating fixed memberships. The negative aspect of that move is that you will only get money from people until their term of membership.

Opt For the Appropriate Platform

You won’t have to keep producing something fresh or seek the services of programmers for membership management applications. You could find software with the combination of features that are appropriate for the kind of site you plan to launch. You might require a subscription management platform such as WordPress which is a membership plugin or learning management system.

Discovering the most suitable application is difficult. You need to think about several factors, like the following.

  • Operating costs and setup expenses.
  • Features you would ideally have and must have.
  • In what way these will fit in with your processes. Consider these thoroughly together with all the possible effects.

Make a matrix in an Excel form in which you will be able to note down things when you are doing research.

Gauge and React

Add analytics to your website to gauge traffic to it and the actions of those who come to it. Using Google Analytics, it is possible to set objectives and recognize patterns to discover important details concerning your website visitors and which information they like the most.

There will be measurement tools on the application you use. On the program, you’ll be able to see who the new members are, who have changed their membership status, etc.

Think about what would be appropriate to communicate to members during every single membership phase. For instance, you might want to consider doing more than just sending welcome messages to fresh subscribers. Think about incorporating personal outreach from anyone in the business. In the event an ongoing activity does not seem so easy, create an auto responder to make members more aware of the advantages you offer and help them use their membership to their maximum advantage. This way, you will be able to retain more members than you otherwise would.

Another important metric is the attrition rate. Keep track of the number of subscribers you had at the start of any given month and those who continue to be your member throughout the whole month.

Selecting the Best Strategy for Your Business

The term ‘business strategy’ refers to a plan of measures to be taken to accomplish business goals in the long run. Having the right strategy in place will make it easy to measure the direction in which your business is going. It’s not surprising that top senior executives with experience regard it as an important component for every business to succeed.

You may choose any business strategy from the numerous kinds of strategies out there. However, choosing the best business strategy is something that requires careful consideration of many different factors. The best strategy is one that fits the structure, requirements, and capabilities of an organization. Let’s discuss the following matters here.

  • The main schools of thought about business strategy
  • The reason for the failure for a number of companies in spite of having what appeared to be the best business strategies.
  • Ways to choose the right business strategy

A Set of Ideas about Business Strategy

A large number of schools of thought about business strategy exist. That is because businessmen and women seek efficient and appropriate planning and the majority of business strategies come from forerunners in various fields. So, there is no easier way to categorize the schools of thoughts than to consider the most important aspects which these pay particular attention to. A few examples are as follows.


Initially, carefully test strategies on a micro level before you put money and time into your business or take more risk than required.


Discover the service or product working on the market, and then increase the number of that offering.


To generate extra value, invest more money and effort in business.

Minimum Viable Product

Deliver your goods to a select number of customers as before time and frequently as you can, to quickly test their performance and obtain their response.


Always try to discover the existence of markets and keep exploring places that you can get into.

Information Superiority

This refers to the advantage you have gained from your capability to gather, process and spread information without interruption while taking advantage of or denying the same capability of a competitor. Make practical and effective use of this advantage. For example, use it to find out a requirement, which the market is yet to fulfill and customers are yet to actively seek. Many such needs are hidden in the market, and it is only when a product or service is launched that customers even realize that these exist.

Social Capital

Increase your connections between those who have a concern in your offerings, such as customers, workers, partners and more.

Why Strategies That Seem Flawless Do Not Work

There are a large number of plans of action to pick from, but in spite of using seemingly perfect ones, some businesses end up failing. Ever wondered why this is the case? Usually, this happens because implementing such strategies is not possible or simply not worth it. Here are some mistakes to avoid while you select a business strategy.

  1. Usually, the one which business owners choose is not even a strategy worth implementing. This happens particularly when they attempt to produce a business strategy, without seeking an expert’s help. As a result, business owners get strategies that have no practical value, and that are utopian.
  2. One more situation is a business “strategy” ending up being essentially just objectives. This just specifies that business plans on accomplishing, such as “improve operational productivity”, and does not provide any clear plan on ways to accomplish that.
  3. Then there are businesses that do not achieve success in another department. These businesses specify two priorities, which barely add up to one coherent strategy.
  4. It may be argued that the most annoying situation is this one. You build up a competent plan of action that is likely to be successful, but fail to write it down in a way that it can be understood, acted on, and conveyed to everyone who has interest in your business.

How to Choose the Right Strategy

To get a plan of action which fits your company the best, you have to do an in-depth study of both your business and the most important components of it.

  • Define Your Long-Term Objectives

You must find out your goals before selecting a plan of action. Is it a must for you to boost sales as soon as possible or hold onto your market position? You have to set not just specific goals, but also those that can be measured.

  • Identify Your Present Business Situation

Examine the previous record and every part of your business.You need to find out three things: present opportunities, the factors that are causing your business success or hindering it. Analyze the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business.

  • Define the Vision

On the basis of what you wish to achieve in the long run, outline the future path, values, and purpose of your company.

  • Define the Mission

The vision is a mental picture of the position you wish your company to reach in the future, and mission describes the purpose of its existence. It is serving that purpose for a long, sustained period time that will help you reach that future position. Take a detailed look at the target customer base and rivals of your business, and determine its value proposition.

When you determine all the above, you will have a better idea about what plan of action is best suited for it.

Methods to Optimize Your Content for SEO

Optimizing copy for SEO can seem like a daunting task, but it does not have to be. You can do plenty of things to easily and quickly make your copy more web optimized. Keep reading for simple yet effective methods to achieve it.

Use Keywords Naturally and Within Reasonable Limits

You perhaps know that copy with organic keywords is what helps increase ranking position in the search engine results page. Google will penalize a website, which uses the keyword stuffing practice. This is a practice where a webpage is loaded with too many keywords than needed to manipulate that website’s ranking in SERP. The Google Penalty means that as a result of that practice, the website’s position in the search results will go down. In order to avoid this, use keywords naturally and evenly in your copy.

The key thing to remember is to write for your target audience, not the search engine. Instead of overloading your content with the same primary keyword, use alternative ones wherever you want it to appear. By alternative keywords, we mean variations of that primary keyword you plan to use. For instance, when writing for real estate your main keyword is “best builders in New York City”, use alternatives such as “top builders in NYC” and so on. Besides including many keywords organically in your content, also keeps the copy fresh for your readers too.

Create the Kind of Copy Many People Can Understand

It’s good to have creative writing skills, but make sure that that creativity does not come at the expense of accessibility. If you love to write with a creative flair, then save that skill for your personal blog. What is creative for you may not be easily understandable for readers, so always keep them in mind when writing copy. If it’s too high-brow or dense, it’ll possibly appeal to only a small number of people.

Readability affects SEO. It refers to the ease with which readers can understand online content. If they cannot understand your content, it will affect your SEO. So, it has to be understandable for the reader.

To make your content SEO-friendly, focus on two things: the kinds of writing style you use and the readability of words you use. Keep that aspect of readability in mind when you write copy. Aim for sentences with no more than 20 words to make such content for SEO. Write longer sentences only if you must a few times in your copy. The idea should be to limit such sentences so that these do not exceed 20% of the overall content.

Search engines value convenience and accessibility to the audience above everything else. As such, basic and readable copy will improve your ranking.

Relying On Tools

Seeking a little more help is okay to optimize your copy. There are numerous applications and tools out there to make that optimization task a bit easier. There is more to creating SEO-friendly copy than just keywords. There are tools that help you find useful and relevant content trending on the internet. Creating such content is sure to get engagement.

Besides, your ecommerce platform likely has many tools that you can use as well. Some platforms include numerous built-in SEO features and also offer various SEO plugins. There are also apps that help you find out top keywords, offer in-depth analysis of website content, and even help with AdWord campaigns.

However, not every online store builder offers unusually good copywriting SEO features. It is worth comparing CMS platforms. Web-optimized copy is one of the important features for ecommerce SEO that is worth considering when you decide on a platform.

Be Sure To Optimize Your Meta Description and Title Tags

When it comes to SEO, both of these elements are important, but some undervalue their importance. Those SEO professionals perhaps do not understand what these elements mean or the purpose for which they are used. These elements tell the reader what your content is all about.

A title tag is nothing but the HTML element specifying the title of content in a webpage. A title should be up to 65 words long, otherwise, the rest of the words will not appear in Google search. A full title gives the reader an idea about what that content is about. Conversely, if some words are cut away in Google search and the title does not make it clear what it is, the reader may not be tempted to click on it.

The same things apply to the meta description too. This is the short description or a summary of your content. A good meta description is one that persuades the user to open that site by clicking on the respective link. If the title says something, and the description says something else, your audience will likely be uninterested to read it.

Your title has to have your primary keyword in it, and your description should include your primary and secondary keywords. You cannot always include your keyword in the title, especially when your content is about something unrelated to it. This can be the case even when your keyword is not complete enough to be used in the title. In the latter case, it’s best to replace your incomplete primary keyword with a complete alternative one.

Pay attention to all of the above the next time you create copy for SEO.