Ways to Make Email Marketing Efforts Better

Michael Finnigan
Oct 24, 2019

This is the kind of marketing where electronic mail is used as a channel to communicate either fundraising or commercial ideas to customers. Email marketing is something that needs to be handled tactfully and carefully. Neither can you afford to just flood one’s inbox with scam-like emails, nor can you afford to send nothing at all. Doing either of those things will likely affect your brand awareness. Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness, so you should invest money and time in it for your own sake.

The end objective is to make your customers respond to the messages you use to prompt them to take immediate action.

Present an Understandable Call to Action (CTA)

You need to focus on conveying just one message in each of your emails. Do not scramble your customer’s brains with one too many CTA’s. That is a bad strategy you need to avoid using in email marketing.

When forming call-to-action, think about the thing you are attempting to achieve and create these messages with clear-cut ideas in mind. Are you looking to tempt the target audience to sign up for your newsletters, to view your product demonstration, or achieve something else? No matter what you’re trying to make your audience do, just confirm that your call-to-action is designed in such a way that they will be prompted to take action based on that. An effective CTA is like a good teacher’s instruction – it tells exactly what customers are supposed to do and encourages them to act right away.

Give Customers a Reason to Act

Your call to action tells them what to do, whereas your content has to inform them why to take action. Explain their incentive for doing so. For example, in the case you are looking to make the audience buy something for a discount, detail how easy it is to make the purchase on your website. Give your target customers an incentive for that, such as free delivery or a gift card. They wish to receive something like that in return for purchasing online, so you should pay attention to their requirements.

Make an Engaging Email Subject Line

The first thing one sees in his or her inbox is this one-line summary of an email message’s content. Your customers will probably have a lot of messages in their inbox. So your subject line should be unique and it should appeal to them instantly. Make it short and concise; ideally, it should be up to 50 characters long.

Create Content That Is Not Too Long or Complicated

We live in a day and age of social media, where most people seek instant gratification. No one would like to go through long emails, which takes up a lot of space and a considerable amount of time to fully read. What works best is a short and sweet message. Get your point across in as fewer words as possible. Put the key details in the top half of the email body; thus, customers can find your message without any delays.

Endorse an Exclusive Offer to Customers

Give customers offers that will end after a specific number of days or are for a select number of responders. Here’s an example; “Two for the price of one exclusively for the first 100 responders”. Social and event marketing can be done this way as well. No matter what you’re offering your customers, make it a point to convey your message with a sense of urgency. Much like a call to action, urgency is also a key component of email marketing.