Mistakes You Should Not Commit When Handling A Remote Workforce

Michael Finnigan
Aug 31, 2020
There are differences between handling a remote workforce and managing a conventional team. Remote workforces come across several different challenges, and a lack of strong leadership possibly makes workers less active, lacking in commitment, or even close their communication lines.

How The Cloud Possibly Benefits Your Business Entity In The Epidemic Period

Michael Finnigan
Aug 27, 2020
Cloud computing is in the right position to transform the landscape of businesses. Cisco forecasts that the cloud will manage 94% of workloads by 2021, and the coronavirus epidemic is accelerating the process.

Working Remotely? – Consider These Factors To Use Video Conferencing Securely

Aug 24, 2020
It seems the so-called ‘new normal’ is doing home-based work and people will have to get use to this new normal. In spite of the COVID-19-induced disruption, there is still collaboration at work, even though this is possible only through teleconferencing instead of face-to-face interaction.

This Is How B2C Companies Should Operate For The Rest Of 2020

Michael Finnigan
Aug 20, 2020
B2C companies have to implement the smartest business strategies throughout the rest of 2020. Here is how B2C companies have to conduct business for the rest of this year taking in consideration the state of the economy and the challenges it puts forward.

Top Tips To Make Remote Work Really Effective

Michael Finnigan
Aug 17, 2020
Work culture has undergone significant changes over the years. The relevance of remote working has increased, and it ensures smooth handling of office tasks despite the larger physical distances between the locations of the office and employees.

Tips On Keeping Customers And Reducing Scams In Digitalized Commerce

Michael Finnigan
Aug 13, 2020
There has been a big change in how business is done following COVID-19, even as organizations worldwide are adapting to the new situation. Phrases such as ‘click and collect’ are now part of the business nomenclature, but many small organizations lack a web presence.

Essential Tips To Manage Your Team Effectively During Trying Times

Michael Finnigan
Jul 09, 2020
Difficult times like a global economic crisis or unexpected pandemic tests people professionally and personally. Businesses have to prepare themselves to face tough times that are coming ahead. The business team has to be well equipped to maintain unexpected uncertainties that could even bring an end to the whole company.

Why You Miss Out By Not Having A Digital Marketing Strategy

Michael Finnigan
Jul 02, 2020
Owning an online business does not necessarily mean that you will have an ideal digital marketing strategy in place. It does not happen that way all the time. The set of efforts you make to market your products through the internet is technically online marketing but this does not cover it all.

Ways To Inspire The Sales Team To Achieve Their Objectives This Year

Michael Finnigan
Jun 25, 2020
Exhaustion due to prolonged stress in sales is an actual phenomenon. As per LinkedIn’s data, there is about 34% annual turnover in this field. That said, exhaustion is beyond a retention issue. The task of selling is taxing, it involves much pressure, and even high performers face many problems in it.

How Businesses Can Support Their Customers In An Uncertain Time

Michael Finnigan
Jun 25, 2020
In what way can a small-to-medium-sized business support customers when it is in a state of uncertainty? SMB leaders must stay more flexible, plus understand the feelings and requirements of their customers more than before.