Reasons to Improve Your Current Content Marketing Strategy

Are you content with your current content marketing practices? Improving daily marketing tactics can easily turn out to be a boundless and cyclical process, and one that takes a good amount of testing to get just right. Content marketing always stands out as a tool to educate and inform customers, but it is vital to ensure the content is optimized. Here are a few tips and tricks to get more engagement with your audience.

Focusing On the Experience

Coming up with informative content is the easy part when it comes to content writing. See if your team can take it further by writing material to craft a complete user experience. Try and figure out how your content can be improved, and also look at improving your website and strategy to ensure users spend more time reading up. The improvement of user experience can begin from several places.

  • Test, as well as optimize, the mobile version of the site
  • Write shorter paragraphs to publish on your mobile site
  • Put in images and subheadings, as well as bulleted lists, so that your content has space
  • Personalize all aspects

Writing Long-Form Content

With your content getting longer, you’ll also see a rise in the time your readers spend on your site. You need to gage their interest the whole way through, and also spark enough interest for them to want to visit your site again. Not all blogs need to be lengthy, but it does pay to write longer pieces every month. Try producing downloadable eBooks or clickable white pages. Also, keep an eye on who is visiting your pages, what led them there, and the number of downloads you have each month.

Reading Out Loud

You need to make sure that your content makes sense to the people visiting your site. While this may seem ridiculous given everything else, it still makes a huge difference if you remember to do it. The writing must be on-brand, and coherent with your theme. Writers can lose their thread of thought while writing. Reading out loud can ensure the message is coming across the way it’s intended to. If the content is not performing in the way it should, then reading it out loud can give you insights into what changes you should make. Everything you write should be easy to understand, and should come across as natural.

Gen Z and the Ways to Reach them

As we have reached 2020, it is time for us to think about the new generation, or the next generation of consumers, the Generation Z. This category of customers includes all those who are born between 1964 and 2014, and as per the market experts, this group of consumers will be flooding the market very soon.

Gen Z is the first generation of consumers who have very close access to technology for the most part of their lives, and to address this generation, the marketers should revamp their approach. If you are looking to tap into this new group of consumers, you need to take into consideration what they care about, the methods they follow to consume information, and the ways to close a deal. The below shared tips will help you reach the generation easily.

Avoid Traditional Marketing

Marketing experts claim that traditional marketing does not work with the generation Z. Your business marketing is going to be more successful if generation Z is able to link to your marketing campaign. This generation demands services and products to have value. If the needs of the group are not met, they will not pay for it. To close a deal with a gen Z user, the sales and marketing team will need to prove the value of their offerings. It’s better to take a storytelling approach with the Gen Z customers. You just need to explain what your offering can do for them combined with an easy and relevant sales pitch.

Use Social Media Platforms Variedly

Social media has always been a useful marketing tool but, each of those platforms work in their own way. Therefore, you need to optimize the platforms to completely utilize its potential. For instance, you might consider Instagram a place to share pictures and other visual branding materials. However, it is also a great place to share clickable ads and short videos. You might have noticed that Instagram stories features many advertisements and it offers opportunities to have that effective and quick clickable content. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are usually meant for the traditional online advertisements, but these platforms can also allow you to have a conversation with the potential buyers and existing customers.

Use Quick and Effective Content

Since generation Z has grown up with easy and quick access to a vast amount of information, the attention span of people will be really small. Therefore, it will be trickier to engage with generation Z. Even though, it would be a really nice opportunity to become much more creative with the modern marketing trends and ideas, you need to create content that is quick and effective, and share this content in the various social media platforms. These platforms are a great way to let your target audience understand what you offer and what your product does.                 

Sell the Experience, Not the Product

As a business owner or a marketing executive, you need to understand that generation Z is not interested in the hard sales pitches. This group is more likely to buy from you, if you are able to sell them on the experience that your business can offer. Whatever service or product you offer, you should be able to make them believe that it’s going to improve their quality of life. Additionally, if you can prove that it’s going to be useful for them, there isn’t much you need to do further to generate a sale.

Social Media Marketing Problems You May Encounter

Nowadays, it’s very uncommon to find someone who doesn’t have at least one social media account. Hence, integrating it into your business will be a great choice. In fact, many small and established companies tend to use social media platforms to reach out to the maximum number of customers. Furthermore, you will have to constantly engage with your customers to keep the ship moving. Of course, figuring out the right thing to say every time can be a bit tricky. To tackle this issue and nail your business campaigns, you can use appropriate social media strategies. Note that every social media platform is different and features different frequencies. Still, all these platforms have one thing in common; regularity.

Anyhow, when you decide to integrate social media into your business, make sure that you are clear in your purpose. Then, decide on the factors that you are likely to consider when it comes to determining your overall success. This will give you a clear idea about the content or stuff that will be ideal to post on the social media pages. However, amateurs and even veteran businessmen are likely to encounter some issues when relying on social media marketing. Some of those issues and their solutions are listed below.

Changes in Facebook algorithms

Facebook use to modify or change its algorithm at times to offer a better experience to their users. However, these frequent algorithm changes can create some issues for certain brands. For instance, when Facebook changed its algorithm in 2018, many companies experienced a dip in their organic search. This was because the content posted by many companies was not reaching most of their potential clients.  This puts a number of brands in a dilemma when it comes to connecting with their Facebook clients organically.


If you are also facing such an issue and your company’s organic reach has fallen, do not panic. Rather, try out different strategies to improve the organic performance of your company. Here are a few useful strategies you can include.

Conversion – generating content

Facebook once stated that the type of content that a company or brand produces and the way users reciprocate to it is the key to determine the reach of their reach. Hence, you must always focus on crafting quality content that your customers can easily connect with or can create conversion. This will keep them engaged.

Note that shareable content can play a great role in boosting your engagement. Hence, with such content, you will be on the social feed of most Facebook users within no time. However, keep in mind that this is not an overnight process and it will take adequate time and consistency to achieve the best results.

Facebook ads and live stream videos

Another way to enhance your engagement is by featuring live stream videos. Many studies report that an average live stream video can boost engagement up to 6 times. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best ways to make your brand a topic of discussion amongst your Facebook followers. When it comes to Facebook ads, this is the best way to target the right clients to achieve your business goals. The dynamic ads will surely help to promote your brand site.

Changing market trends

Another issuer social media marketers tend to encounter is the difficulty in keeping up with the frequently changing market trends. Note that Livestream videos, AI marketing, influencer marketing, ephemeral content, and augmented reality are some of the latest marketing trends that you must have a good grip with for the time being. However, make sure to choose the right options since not every method will yield the same results for all brands.


To tackle this issue, you must first understand your clients or audiences. This will help you with choosing the right social media strategy for your brand. Otherwise, try multiple methods and figure out what works best for you and your customers. For instance, if most of your potential customers tend to check out their Instagram pages regularly, go for Instagram stories rather than posting live stream videos on Facebook. Note that studies report that more than 300 million people all over the world tend to check out Instagram stories.

In case you are facing a lack of resources, you can tackle it by considering the influencer marketing strategy. This is cheaper when compared to the advertising strategy. Plus, it can save a good share of your time and resources in the long run. In short, the key is to concentrate on your ROI (Return of Investment) and ways to deliver conversions.

Methods to Optimize Your Content for SEO

Optimizing copy for SEO can seem like a daunting task, but it does not have to be. You can do plenty of things to easily and quickly make your copy more web optimized. Keep reading for simple yet effective methods to achieve it.

Use Keywords Naturally and Within Reasonable Limits

You perhaps know that copy with organic keywords is what helps increase ranking position in the search engine results page. Google will penalize a website, which uses the keyword stuffing practice. This is a practice where a webpage is loaded with too many keywords than needed to manipulate that website’s ranking in SERP. The Google Penalty means that as a result of that practice, the website’s position in the search results will go down. In order to avoid this, use keywords naturally and evenly in your copy.

The key thing to remember is to write for your target audience, not the search engine. Instead of overloading your content with the same primary keyword, use alternative ones wherever you want it to appear. By alternative keywords, we mean variations of that primary keyword you plan to use. For instance, when writing for real estate your main keyword is “best builders in New York City”, use alternatives such as “top builders in NYC” and so on. Besides including many keywords organically in your content, also keeps the copy fresh for your readers too.

Create the Kind of Copy Many People Can Understand

It’s good to have creative writing skills, but make sure that that creativity does not come at the expense of accessibility. If you love to write with a creative flair, then save that skill for your personal blog. What is creative for you may not be easily understandable for readers, so always keep them in mind when writing copy. If it’s too high-brow or dense, it’ll possibly appeal to only a small number of people.

Readability affects SEO. It refers to the ease with which readers can understand online content. If they cannot understand your content, it will affect your SEO. So, it has to be understandable for the reader.

To make your content SEO-friendly, focus on two things: the kinds of writing style you use and the readability of words you use. Keep that aspect of readability in mind when you write copy. Aim for sentences with no more than 20 words to make such content for SEO. Write longer sentences only if you must a few times in your copy. The idea should be to limit such sentences so that these do not exceed 20% of the overall content.

Search engines value convenience and accessibility to the audience above everything else. As such, basic and readable copy will improve your ranking.

Relying On Tools

Seeking a little more help is okay to optimize your copy. There are numerous applications and tools out there to make that optimization task a bit easier. There is more to creating SEO-friendly copy than just keywords. There are tools that help you find useful and relevant content trending on the internet. Creating such content is sure to get engagement.

Besides, your ecommerce platform likely has many tools that you can use as well. Some platforms include numerous built-in SEO features and also offer various SEO plugins. There are also apps that help you find out top keywords, offer in-depth analysis of website content, and even help with AdWord campaigns.

However, not every online store builder offers unusually good copywriting SEO features. It is worth comparing CMS platforms. Web-optimized copy is one of the important features for ecommerce SEO that is worth considering when you decide on a platform.

Be Sure To Optimize Your Meta Description and Title Tags

When it comes to SEO, both of these elements are important, but some undervalue their importance. Those SEO professionals perhaps do not understand what these elements mean or the purpose for which they are used. These elements tell the reader what your content is all about.

A title tag is nothing but the HTML element specifying the title of content in a webpage. A title should be up to 65 words long, otherwise, the rest of the words will not appear in Google search. A full title gives the reader an idea about what that content is about. Conversely, if some words are cut away in Google search and the title does not make it clear what it is, the reader may not be tempted to click on it.

The same things apply to the meta description too. This is the short description or a summary of your content. A good meta description is one that persuades the user to open that site by clicking on the respective link. If the title says something, and the description says something else, your audience will likely be uninterested to read it.

Your title has to have your primary keyword in it, and your description should include your primary and secondary keywords. You cannot always include your keyword in the title, especially when your content is about something unrelated to it. This can be the case even when your keyword is not complete enough to be used in the title. In the latter case, it’s best to replace your incomplete primary keyword with a complete alternative one.

Pay attention to all of the above the next time you create copy for SEO.

Ways to Make Email Marketing Efforts Better

This is the kind of marketing where electronic mail is used as a channel to communicate either fundraising or commercial ideas to customers. Email marketing is something that needs to be handled tactfully and carefully. Neither can you afford to just flood one’s inbox with scam-like emails, nor can you afford to send nothing at all. Doing either of those things will likely affect your brand awareness. Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness, so you should invest money and time in it for your own sake.

The end objective is to make your customers respond to the messages you use to prompt them to take immediate action.

Present an Understandable Call to Action (CTA)

You need to focus on conveying just one message in each of your emails. Do not scramble your customer’s brains with one too many CTA’s. That is a bad strategy you need to avoid using in email marketing.

When forming call-to-action, think about the thing you are attempting to achieve and create these messages with clear-cut ideas in mind. Are you looking to tempt the target audience to sign up for your newsletters, to view your product demonstration, or achieve something else? No matter what you’re trying to make your audience do, just confirm that your call-to-action is designed in such a way that they will be prompted to take action based on that. An effective CTA is like a good teacher’s instruction – it tells exactly what customers are supposed to do and encourages them to act right away.

Give Customers a Reason to Act

Your call to action tells them what to do, whereas your content has to inform them why to take action. Explain their incentive for doing so. For example, in the case you are looking to make the audience buy something for a discount, detail how easy it is to make the purchase on your website. Give your target customers an incentive for that, such as free delivery or a gift card. They wish to receive something like that in return for purchasing online, so you should pay attention to their requirements.

Make an Engaging Email Subject Line

The first thing one sees in his or her inbox is this one-line summary of an email message’s content. Your customers will probably have a lot of messages in their inbox. So your subject line should be unique and it should appeal to them instantly. Make it short and concise; ideally, it should be up to 50 characters long.

Create Content That Is Not Too Long or Complicated

We live in a day and age of social media, where most people seek instant gratification. No one would like to go through long emails, which takes up a lot of space and a considerable amount of time to fully read. What works best is a short and sweet message. Get your point across in as fewer words as possible. Put the key details in the top half of the email body; thus, customers can find your message without any delays.

Endorse an Exclusive Offer to Customers

Give customers offers that will end after a specific number of days or are for a select number of responders. Here’s an example; “Two for the price of one exclusively for the first 100 responders”. Social and event marketing can be done this way as well. No matter what you’re offering your customers, make it a point to convey your message with a sense of urgency. Much like a call to action, urgency is also a key component of email marketing.

A Helpful Guide to Website Redesigning

The business industry is getting more and more advanced every single day and if you want to survive in this field, you will have to embrace the new changes. As Stephen Hawkins quoted, “Intelligence is the capability to adapt to change.” Nowadays, people tend to judge a business mainly based on the appeal of their website. In fact, this is actually one of the main reasons that attract potential customers.

Why you should redesign your website

The expectations and interests of the customers are likely to change over time or with the changing trends. Hence, it’s extremely crucial to keep on modifying your business websites to keep your customers engaged. In case you focus solely only on the quality or other aspects of your service and ignore the appeal of your website, this will cause your company’s revenue to most likely decrease. In simple words, an outdated website is more likely to have a negative effect on your trade which can be an advantage for your business rivals.

Are you wondering about the ways to survive in this frequently changing digital world and keep pace with the changing interests and requirements of the consumers as well as the current trends in market? The simple answer to this is to redesign your outdated website. Note that the redesigned website must assure both the functionality and aesthetic design upgrade. You can rely on an expert WordPress development services provider to achieve this objective.  

Similarly, maintaining a decent search engine ranking even after the maintenance and redesign is also as important as redesigning your website. Mind that if you failed to redesign your site properly, it will have a negative effect on all your SEO efforts as well. In short, both of these processes are directly proportional to each other.

How to redesign your site

When you redesign your site, make sure it not only follows the latest market trends but also is faster, clutter-free, user-friendly, mobile-friendly. In other words, redesign your online platform in such a way that it keeps your customers engaged and satisfied. You should consider the tips below when redesigning your website that will create the least effect on the search engine rankings.

In-depth website review

Once you decide to redesign your website, thoroughly evaluate the present condition or status of your site and use it as your reference point. Note that since your former website had great search engine rankings, you can use it as a reference point to maintain the rankings even during or after the redesigning process.

You can also figure out the mistakes you made on your old site and make changes accordingly when redesigning it. It’s recommended to consider certain areas of your websites such as site architecture, search engine ranking, title tags, Meta descriptions, content, and URLs. Note that focusing on these factors will help you tackle the issues on your old site.

Move to a new host

If your old website had issues associated with speed, uptime, performance, etc., the hosting provider is to blame which means its time to switch the host. Haven’t you heard the phrase ‘better sooner than later’? After all, these are the main elements that maintain your search engine ranking.

One of the best things to do when you move to a new provider is to redesign your website. Furthermore, try to choose a host from the same place as that of your website since it can affect the load speed of your website, otherwise.

Never discard the well-ranking content

When redesigning your website, make sure to maintain the content on the site that helped it gain higher search engine ranking as such. If you try to modify or remove it in the process, it’s likely to hurt the search engine ranking of your redesigned website. In simple words, give a new look to your website by keeping the content as genuine as possible.

In case you are making any inevitable changes, be very careful and make them appear nearly insignificant. Besides, make sure to maintain the elements that are commonly-crawled by search engines such as title tags, Meta descriptions, and H1 to H6 headings and schemes.

Follow the architecture of your old website

Following your old website architecture is one of the best ways to maintain your search engine ranking even after the redesigning process. Note that if you modify the architecture during the website redesigning process, you’ll have to build your search engine ranking again from the beginning.

Rather, make simple and minor changes such as color aspects, visual enhancement, etc. If you attempt to change the complete architecture of your site all of a sudden, it may confuse your customers who are habituated to the old design.

Set up 301 redirects

Setting up 301 redirects is crucial to let the search engines know about the changes you’ve made. Otherwise, you’re likely to end up losing the webpages that are doing well. Note that even a slight change in the URL can affect your ranking irrespective of whether or not they were intentional. With 301 redirects, the customer will be directed to the new URL from the old one. This will prevent the ‘404 page not found’ error from happening.