Tips & Know-Hows

How Does Cloud Computing Help HR?

Michael Finnigan
Oct 07, 2021
When you look at competitive businesses, they now utilize cloud computing one way or another. Here’s how the HR department of an organization benefits from cloud computing.

Signs of Poor Customer Experience for Your Business

Michael Finnigan
Oct 04, 2021
Do you think that you are losing your existing customers faster than you are gaining new ones? It could be due to a poor customer experience. Here are some signs of poor service.

Does Augmented Reality Help Increase Customer Satisfaction?

Sep 30, 2021
Augmented reality (AR) is a twin concept to VR that overlays graphics onto real-world images. Here is how it can improve customer satisfaction for your business.

Which Factors Affect Your UX Design Significantly?

Michael Finnigan
Sep 27, 2021
Customer experience is an integral part of a business’s growth. By designing the right UX strategy and form, you can increase customer satisfaction and improve sales.

Does IoT Improve Productivity of a Business?

Michael Finnigan
Sep 23, 2021
IoT is a network of devices connected over a network that gather data through sensors, software, and other processes. Here’s why IoT is important for businesses today:

Tips That Boost Your Career as a Blockchain Developer

Michael Finnigan
Sep 20, 2021
Blockchain is a nascent technology. That’s why becoming a Blockchain developer is rather complex. However, with the fundamental tips below, you can boost your progress.

Building the Perfect Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

Michael Finnigan
Sep 16, 2021
Marketing strategies are the core of marketing success. With the right data-driven strategies that incorporate the right elements, a business can thrive and increase sales.

5 Critical HR Technology Trends to Adapt

Michael Finnigan
Sep 13, 2021
Human Resource has seen some major developments throughout the previous decade. Hence, we bring you the 5 latest HR technology trends for 2021.

Top Technologies for Businesses in 2021

Michael Finnigan
Sep 09, 2021
The latest technology trends of 2021 are some of the top potential gains for your business. Read on to know how they can benefit you.

Where are We Heading with Human Augmentation?

Michael Finnigan
Sep 06, 2021
As 2022 heads closer, tech enthusiasts are predicting the upcoming applications and challenges of Augmented Reality. In this article, we discussed some future trends for 2022: